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Most cars have a centre rear view mirror on the windshield and two side mirrors on the doors.

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The rear view mirror.

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Q: Which mirror are used in vehicles to see object behind?
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Why the image formed in the mirror used in vehicles as rear view mirror is smaller in size than the object?

because the mirror used is concave mirror.

Is a rear view mirror convex?

Yes. In convex mirrors, the image is always erect and diminished, at whatever distance the object may be in front of the mirror. The convex mirror has a wide field of view and hence is used as a rear view( or driving) mirror in vehicles, to view the traffic behind.

Which type of mirror is used in the headlights of vehicles?

convex mirror

Which type mirror is used in the head lights of vehicles?

A convex mirror

Why vehicles use plane mirror and convex mirror as rearveiw?

Vehicles use a plane mirror for the central rearview mirror to provide an accurate reflection of objects behind the vehicle. A convex mirror is used as the side mirror to provide a wider field of view and reduce blind spots. This combination helps the driver have a clear view of the surroundings and enhances safety while driving.

What are some uses for a convex mirror?

convex mirror provide erect small and virtual image of the object.these are used in side view mirrors of vehicles so that the driver can have a better view of traffic behind.

What type of mirror is used whenever a magnified image of an object is used?

A concave mirror is typically used to create a magnified image of an object. The mirror curves inward and can produce an enlarged virtual image when the object is placed within the focal length of the mirror.

Which type of mirrors are used in vehicles?

convex mirror

Uses of a concave mirror when the object is between C and F?

When the object is between the center of curvature (C) and the focal point (F) of a concave mirror, it forms a virtual, upright, and magnified image behind the mirror. This configuration is often used in makeup mirrors, shaving mirrors, and headlights to provide a magnified reflection of the object without having to move the mirror closer to the object.

Which type of mirror is placed in metro stations?

convex mirror as used by drivers in different vehicles......

How can you prove the image formed in plane mirror is as far behindthe mirror as the object in front of it?

The image formed in a plane mirror is virtual, upright, and appears to be as far behind the mirror as the object is in front of it because the light rays reflecting off the object are reflected at the same angle behind the mirror, forming the virtual image. This is known as the "law of reflection," where the incident angle equals the reflected angle. This property makes the image appear to be the same distance behind the mirror as the object is in front of it.

What is the difference between a concave mirror and a convex mirror?

A concave mirror curves inward and can produce both real and virtual images, depending on the object's position. It is often used in reflecting telescopes and makeup mirrors. A convex mirror curves outward and can only produce virtual images that are smaller and upright. They are commonly used in security mirrors and side-view mirrors in vehicles.