Which makes more pollution boats or planes?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Boats cause more pollution than Jets, they burn Bunker Fuel which emits a lot more harmful products than Kerosene

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Q: Which makes more pollution boats or planes?
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Do boats sink more often than planes crash?

Boats sinking and planes crashing both occur relatively rarely, but statistically, planes are safer than boats. The likelihood of a plane crashing is lower than that of a boat sinking, as commercial aircraft undergo rigorous safety regulations and maintenance checks.

What spreads more poullution row boats or cars?

CAR SPREADS more pollution.

How boats and air planes sunk in the Bermuda triangle?

Planes: about 9 Boats (offically): 7 (unoffically) 4 more And two people went missing from the Great Isaac Lighthouse in 1969 as well...

Why are there boat companies in the army in World War 2?

so they can make more boats for the war. back then people didnt just use airplanes. really they used boats more than planes.

How can holiday resorts damage the environment?

i think it cna it makes more people come on planes and that damages the environment i think it cna it makes more people come on planes and that damages the environment

When did the river thames get polluted with sewage?

because many turists back then used to sail on boats and this caused more pollution to the river.

What can you do in rigs of rods?

You can drive cars and DESTROY them and also can fly planes,drive boats, drive Monster Trucks, And much more. I recommend it

Does the plane or the car have a more adverse impact on the environment?

Planes have a greater adverse impact on the environment compared to cars, as they emit more greenhouse gases per passenger-mile traveled. However, cars contribute significantly to air pollution and congestion in urban areas.

Why did the Vietnam refugees come by boat?

Because their were more boats to hold lots of people and the airport was bombed by the north. except for american planes helping

How does the Bermuda triangle work?

it is a triangle and it swallows people planes ships and boats

Is the river Nile under threat?

Yes - pollution caused numerous ways and there are calls for more control over industry, new construction and the use of the river by watercraft, especially to dispose of their waste - including floating houses and the river commercial fleet comprised of more than 3000 boats. Around 200 cruisers, 500 boats for passengers, 1600 boats for carrying commodities and 300 motor boats, in addition to 400 floating hotels. The links below addresses just one aspect of construction and a paper on pollution

What would life be like without locomotives?

transportation would cost more because trucks, planes, and boats would be the only ones left in the transportation industry