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Matter of opinion. I'm a Kicker/Rockford Fosgate/JL Audio fan. Alpine is still pretty good too. Stay away from brands like Dual, MTX, Audiobahn, Sony, and pretty much anything else with a 'too good to be true' price tag.

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Q: Which is the best brand of amplifier for the car?
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What is the best brand of car amplifier?

Digital Designs Z series amps are the best brand because it can go into go into any car audio forum and has an authentic sound.

Which is the best amplifier to enhance car subwoofers?

The Kicker ZX300.1 Subwoofer Car Amplifier is great.

Does Kenworth make a better car amplifier than Sony?

Sony has the best car amplifier on the market. These are typically more expensive as well.

What brand of amplifier is considered the best?

Depending on who you believe - this one was said to be best Krell KAV400xi 200Watts

How much do car amplifiers cost?

The cost of car amplifiers is going to vary based on a number of things such as the brand, the car it will be going in, and what amplifier level is needed.

What is the best brand of power amplifiers?

Behringer Europower EPQ2000 Power Amplifier is one of the best power amplifier that has high-quality components and ensures long life. It has several features and variable controls.

How well does the Crunch Power Zone P18004 4-Channel Car Amplifier work?

This is not a very good amp, a better brand is recommended.

Where is a good place to mount a car amplifier?

You can mount your car amplifier in the back floor or in the trunk.

What is the best brand of car speakers?


What is the best American brand car?


What is the best location for an amplifier to be installed in a car?

There is a good location for your amplifier to be installed inside of a car. The best location is inside of your trunk. If you have a SUV, such as a Nissan Pathfinder, you would install it on the back of a seat. If you have a Sedan, such as a BMW, you would install it on the very back of the trunk.

What is the best size of subwoofer for my car i have 6 channels amplifier?

It depends on your car, but for a large car you can get a proper subwoofer with a wooden casing for less vibration.