Which is longer railways or motorways?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In England; Motorways

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Q: Which is longer railways or motorways?
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Is there more motorways or railways in England?

There are more motorways !

Which is shorter railways or motorways?

railways r shorter

Is there more motorways than railways in the UK?

According to million pound drop there is.

What is longer the railways or motorway of the united kingdom?


Which has shorter length motorway or railways?

this question was one of many on the quiz *the million pound drop live* and the answer is Motorways (uk)

Are there more motor ways or trains in England?

there is more motorways than railways i found this out from the tv show a million pound drop well that's your question answered your welcome x

When was Queensland Motorways created?

Queensland Motorways was created in 1980.

What are the colors are the motorways of England?

Road signs on the motorways are blue with white writing.

When were motorways invented?

Motorways were invented in the 1950's. They were firstly used in Germany.

Can you drive a quad on the motorways in Spain?

You may not drive a quad on the motorways in Spain.

When was Separated by Motorways created?

Separated by Motorways was created on 2005-12-12.

What are s Spanish motorways called?

In Spain, the motorways are called an Autopista or an Autovia.An Autopista is a motorway with a toll, and an Autovia is free.