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A full cylinder is heavier than empty. The cylinder is filled by weight.

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Q: Which is heavier a full argon cylinder or an empty?
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Which is heavier a full oxygen cylinder or a empty?

Gas cylinders weigh about the same whether full or empty.

Why are full nitrogen bottles heavier then empty ones?

Nitrogen has mass.

What is the difference between a hallow cylinder and a solid cylinder?

Presumably one is empty while the other one is full.

Why is it easier to push an empty box on the surface than a full box?

Because the air that is in the full box is being pushed while the other box that is empty has no air at all for it to be heavy.

Filling empty argon bottle from full argon bottle with manifold?

Any filling one gas bottle from another gas bottle sounds dangerous. Have you contacted you local Gas supplier

How much does a 30lb propane bottle fully filled weigh?

There will be a TW on the side of the cylinder this is the tare weight the weight of the cylinder empty. (TW 27) would be an 27 pound empty cylinder. A full cylinder will weigh 30 pounds more than the tare weight.

Why does an empty gas cylinder weighs less than a filled one?

An empty gas container actually weighs less than a full container.

Is the outer shell of argon full?

Yes it is . The outer argon is full becoz it has 18 electrons

Is argon a diatom?

No, argon exists as single atoms as it has a full outer shell (full octet)

How much does a scubadiving air tank weigh when it is full?

Diving cylinders are made to different sizes and out of different material. This means that they weigh all sorts of weight. They are also made to hold different maximum pressures. A cylinder rated to take 300bar needs thicker walls than one rated to take 200 bar and will therefore be heavier. A steel 12.2L cylinder filled to 232bar weighs about 15kg but it will weigh less when it is empty. Some cylinders actually float when they are empty and sink when they are full.

What is the problem when the brake pedal goes all the way to the floor on a 1997 Dodge pickup?

If the master cylinder reservoir is empty, you have a leak somewhere. If the master cylinder reservoir is full, the master cylinder is bad.

Why the chlorine not react with the argon?

Argon has three full shells of electrons. Elements react to form bonds so that their outer shell is full. As Argon has a full outer shell it is unreactive