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Lucas by far man!

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Q: Which is better lucas upper cylinder lubricant or marvel mystery oil?
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Is Marvel Mystery Oil safer than Gumout?

According to consumers, Marvel Mystery oil is better than Gumout oil. The Marvel Mystery oil is used to unclog any valves and it is additive free unlike Gumout.

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Can you use marvel mystery oil in a hydraulic pump?


What ingredients does Marvel Mystery Oil contain?

Marvel Mystery Oil is a type of oil which is used for cars and a preferred oil among mechanics. However, the ingredients for this product are not listed.

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What can you do to stop ratting in motor after setting down for awhile 1998 madza b 2500?

Mazda's are notorious for this. it is probably the lifters. you can try a top end lubricant like marvel mystery oil. but more than likely they have collapsed and will need replacing

What is marvel mystery oil made from?

it seems to be mostly ATF

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Can you use Marvel Mystery Oil in your auto transmission?

Yes read their Faq

How can you stop liftes rattle on 1995 cavalier?

If your lifters are sticking you can try some oil additive like Marvel Mystery oil Marvel Mystery oil has been around for a long time and it works pritty good.

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