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Most dealerships will offer car incentives and rebates, however the particular makes and models will vary. Generally speaking, the most popular and high selling the car is, the less likely it is to be subject to an incentive or rebate.

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Q: Which dealerships offer car incentives and rebates?
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Are there any big rebates being offered nationwide at Ford Dealerships now?

You can look at a list of incentives and rebates by going here and selecting your car and typing in your zip code.

Do any companies still offer car rebates?

Almost all car companies will offer rebates as incentives when buying a new car. These rebates may not be offered at all times but will likely be advertised in relation to any current or ongoing sale that a particular company is having.

Are there any special deals available on the BMW X3?

There are specials and deals for the BMW X3. Many of the dealerships know and understand the rebates and discounts for this car and BMW often offers rebates and incentives for their vehicles as well.

What incentives does Pontiac offer their potential buyers?

There are many incentives that Pontiac offers to their potential buyers. There are many things that car manufactures like Pontiac offer new buyers like rebates that lower the price.

What are some of the best car incentives when buying a new vehicle?

Some manufacturers offer very large rebates. Long warranties are also good incentives. Remember though that a good car always beats a bad one no matter what the incentives are.

Ask About Rebates?

If you are going to be paying cash for your car, and don't need financing, look into available rebates. Most often rebates and incentives are used to sell cars that aren't in high demand. Because the automotive industry is struggling, you will notice that rebates and financing deals are more available than ever. Make sure to ask the dealership about any rebates or incentives they offer.

Where can one get new car rebates online?

You can find new car rebates online at websites such as Cars Direct, USAA, and NewCar-Rebates.You can find information on how to use new-car incentives and rebates at the Edmunds website.

When does Ford dealerships offer the best sales incentives?

"The best sales incentives for cars are usually when the newer models are coming out. The reality of it is that car dealerships aren't looking to sell you a new car, they want to sell pre owned cars, so it's best to get a new car when it's easier to sell pre owned cars."

What kind of deals does the Toyota Prius offer?

Toyota offers many incentives for buyers to buy a new Toyota Prius. Toyota offers rebates available for those that trade in a previous Toyota car and rebates for high credit scores.

What are the best car incentives when purchasing a new vehicle?

This varies on personal choice, however a selection of incentives are available including rebates, cash back offers, factory-to-dealer incentives, lease rates and low-interest financing

On which models of car do Ford offer rebates?

Ford offers rebates on nearly all new cars regardless of the specific model. Ford also offers additional rebates for a car that is fuel efficient and economical.

Are there any rebates I can use to bring down the Lotus Elise price?

The base Lotus Elise price is $47,250. There are special rebates and incentives to lower your monthly payments; For these opportunities, please talk to your local car dealers.