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Charitable organizations that accept donations of used cars include Charity Car Canada, Donate A Car, Charity Navigator, and Canadian Diabetes Association.

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Q: Which charitable organizations accept the donation of a used car?
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What veteran organizations accept donated used cars?

The VFW Foundation. The Air Force Aid Society, Operation Homefront, and the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust are a few veterans organizations that will accept donated used cars.

How can charity cards be used to donate to charitable organizations?

Charity cards can be used to donate to charitable organizations by contacting your local shelters and organizations to inquire about pick up or drop off.

Does Goodwill accept cars as donations?

Through their "wheels-for-work" project Goodwill centers nationwide accept cars as a charitable donation. Goodwill will have to give you written notification on how the car is going to be used for your tax purposes. To find out more information, you can visit your local Goodwill store.

Which tax form is used for recording donations?

Charitable donations are place on Schedule A of form 1040. If the donations are noncash donations, the donation should be placed on form 8283 - Noncash Charitable Contributions.

Are there any car donation programs where I can send the proceeds to the American Cancer Society?

If you like, you can sell your car and then send the proceeds to the American Cancer Society. Most communities have organizations that accept donations of used vehicles, like the DAV. But there are no programs to which you can "donate" and get cash.

Do car dealerships have a car donation center?

Organizations that take donations of used vehicles have arrangements with specific dealers who process the paperwork for the donation. You must first contact the organization and then go to the dealer as directed. Car dealers do not have donation centers set up for general purposes.

What is the word used for giving away some savings for good purposes?

The most common term is donation, it can also be called a charitable contribution, alms, endowment, philanthropy, charity, or even a gift.

Charitable Car Donation?

While the “cash for clunkers” program put a hamper on some charitable car donations, making the choice to give a used car to a nonprofit organization is still an option that many worthwhile causes hope more former car owners avail themselves of. It is easy and quick to find an organization that will accept donations of cars, RV, snowmobiles or other motor vehicles. This altruism will not only help out a fellow man but, depending upon the value of the vehicle, earn a nice tax write off in the process.OverviewWhile some may have heard about these programs in the past they may not have an idea of what these organizations do with a charitable car donation. A lot depends upon the condition of the vehicle. In the case of a car that is still in working order the organization will often sell it to a used car dealer for fundraising. If the car is not working, cannot pass emission standards, or is “junked”, they can also break down what is usable about the car and sell it off for parts. Some organizations do this directly while some do this through an independent car parts salesman.BenefitsA charitable car donation, depending upon the value of the vehicle, can earn an organization in one sale what months and months of car washes and other fundraising efforts can do with less cost. This is a great way for those groups to earn money and not have to outlay their own. For the donor, altruistic intentions aside this can also provide a fairly good tax deduction if the person itemizes their expenses. To qualify for a deduction, the charitable organization must be registered with the IRS as a non-profit, non-political organization. The IRS’s web site provides a list of organizations that qualify, and even if you are not interested in the tax write off it can be a great resource for locating a worthwhile cause. Another place to find information is the local Salvation Army or Goodwill. Even if that particular location does not do car donations, they may know of an organization or fundraising effort that does. In larger towns charitable car donation groups may be listed in the phone book.ConclusionRather than sending your car off to the junk heap, consider making a donation, consider making a charitable car donation. You’ll help out a worthwhile cause and maybe keep a few bucks from Uncle Sam down the line.

How do I donate my used Pontiac to a charitable organization?

There are several chaities that accept vehicles as donations. You can visit for informationon donatng your veicle.

Can a Jehovah's Witness accept donation money?

Yes. Jehovah's Witnesses will accept voluntary contributions which will be used to finance the production of bible based publications and centres of worship. They do not ask or accept money in payment for preaching and teaching the bible which is done completely free of charge.

Can used cars be used for tax deductions?

If you give it to a bona fide charitable organization, then yes, you're allowed to deduct the fair market value of the car as a donation (provided you itemize deductions).If that's not what you were talking about, then you're going to need to be more specific.

Cell Phone Donation Can Increase Income Tax Refund?

Old cell phones can be donated to various charities that will give the phones to families in need. The cell phone donation is considered a charitable donation and can be used as tax write-off at the end of the year. In order to take the tax break, it is imperative a receipt is obtained at the time of the donation. Cell phone donation can help out individuals that have no other means to call for emergency services. Some retailers will offer a percentage or dollar amount off future purchases when a person donates a cell phone.

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