Which car is faster the c300 or the charger?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Which car is faster the c300 or the charger?
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Whats car is faster 1969 charger or 1978 trans am firebird?

A 1969 Charger (200mph) is a faster car than a 1978 Trans Am Firebird (123mph).

What car is faster charger 3.5 or impala LT?

the impala.

Which car is the faster 1996 impala ss or 2005 dodge charger hemi?

the charger should be faster. nah me and my friends tried this them chargers are slow my 94 impalas smoked a charger

Is dodge challenger faster than an charger?

There basically the same car as the challenger is built on the charger chassis. If your talking the current vehicles,Challenge and Charger are equal in speed if you get the automatic. Now if you get the six speed manual transmission in the Challenger, it is faster than the Charger.

Which is a faster car a dodge charger srt8 or a dodge challenger rt?

The SRT8 (either Challenger or Charger) will be faster than a RT. The SRT8 has the 6.1L Hemi, while the RT has the 5.7L.

Why does the phone charge faster in the car than in the house?

Because, my dear Watson, the car moves faster, so obviously the charger does, too. Elementary, my good friend.

Is it possible for a cell phone to charge faster when it is plugged into the car charger but the car is off?

I wouldn't imagine it would. If it's a decent charger it should regulate the current, regardless of input voltage. But if it's cheapo, then it's likely it will charge faster with the car running, rather than being off.

What Car is faster The Camaro V8 or the Dodge Charger V8?

Depends on the years of the cars and what types of V8s they have.

What car is faster the 2012 Charger SRT8 or the 2012 Camaro zl1?

The Camaro would have a distinct edge

What is faster dayton charger or srt charger?

SRTs are faster than the Daytona Editions.

Is a lamborghini faster than a charger?

YES YES YES A stock Lamborghini is much faster than a stock Charger, topping out at about 40 MPH faster than a Charger.

Which car is faster a 1970 dodge charger or a 1967 Eleanor mustang?

that all depends on what engine is in both vehicles.