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There are several different car hire companies that have offices at Tenerife South Airport. There's Orcar, AutReisen, Avis and Cicar - though that one only operates in the Canary Islands. There's also Europcar, Hertz, Goldcar Rental and Inforentacar.

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Q: Which car hire companies are located at Tenerife South Airport?
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What is the airport code for Tenerife South Airport?

The airport code for Tenerife South Airport is TFS.

When was Tenerife South Airport created?

Tenerife South Airport was created in 1978.

What companies offer a car for hire near South Tenerife Airport?

The companies which offer a car for hire near South Tenerife Airport are Europcar, Cicar, Orcar, Avis, Autoreisen Rent-a-Car, Hertz, Goldcar Rental and Inforentacar.

Are there any non stop flights available from the UK to the South Airport of Tenerife?

There does appear to be non-stop flights from the UK to the South Airport of Tenerife. This is dependant on when you plan to fly and from what part of the UK you are flying from.

Which terminal does Easyjet depart from at Tenerife?

Tenerife South Airport (previously known as Reina Sofia) only has one terminal.

How much does it cost to car hire at Tenerife South Airport?

The cost of hiring a car at Tenerife South Airport is dependent upon the length of time you wish to hire the car for, what car type you prefer, and which dealer you use. It will also depend on how much you want to spend.

What is the airport in tenerife called?

Tenerife has two airports. The Tenerife North Airport is situated some seven miles from the capital, Santa Cruz. It has been in operation since the 1940s and, for many years, was quite a small airport. In 2002, a new terminal was built. It handles some international flights, but focuses generally on domestic and inter-island flights. Its original name was "Los Rodeos". The Tenerife South Airport, just ten miles or so from Los Cristianos in the south, was inaugurated in 1972 and deals with most of the international flights into Tenerife. Its original name was "Reina Sofia".

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The Burlington International Airport is located in South Burlington, Vermont. The airport address is 1200 Airport Drive South Burlington, Vermont 05403.

What is the largest airport in South Korea?

Incheon International Airport is the largest airport in South Korea. It is located in Incheon, South Korea.

Where is the Seville Airport located?

The Seville Airport is located in the south of Spain. The Seville Airport is also known as the San Pablo airport. The airport is close to the cities of Seville and Rinconada.

How many minutes will it take to travel from the canary island to London?

It takes 4 hours 15 minutes flying time from Gatwick to Tenerife South airport by Monarch.

Where is prestwick airport located?

Prestwick airport is located in the town of Prestwick in South Ayrshire, 32 miles from Glasgow. This airport is in scenic and historic rich Scotland.