Which car's logo has 4 interlock circles?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Which car's logo has 4 interlock circles?
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What automaker has 4 circles logo?


4 circles and the word open logo?


What car logo has 4 silver circles?

That logo us used by the Audi make

What are 4 labels or advertisements for products which use circles in their name or logo?

potato chips are delicious

What American car company had four circles as its logo?

The only car company that i am aware of with 4 circles is Audi and i believe that they are German engineered luxury vehicles

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4/(7) = 4/7 is the ratio of circles to triangles. Some prefer to express this as 4:7.

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It is 4/1.

What is 28 divided by 4 equals?


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The jingle has 4 notes in the logo

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