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The most affordable SUV Crossover models are the 2013 Ford Escape, then the 2013 Mazda CX-5, the Buick Enclave, Honda CR-V. The Ford Escape's average paid is $22,614 -$31,606.

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Q: Which are the most affordable SUV Crossover models?
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What is a crossover SUV and who makes the most reliable one?

The best crossover SUV's on the market today are Chev. Equinox,Ford Escape and Honda CV_R. I have no idea what the differences between these and regular SUV's are.

What is the most comfortable crossover SUV?

The Lexus RX 350.

What is a popular passenger vehicle larger than a car?

Crossover, SUV, Truck, the most popular is the SUV

What is a crossover vehicle?

A crossover vehicle is a vehicle that is a combonation of a mini van and a suv but has the same or better gas mileage than a mini van. There are many different models to choose from.

Does a jeep Cherokee classify as a SUV and crossover vehicle?

The up to 2000 Cherokee is a SUV. The 2014 is more of a crossover.

What's a crossover SUV and how is it different?

A crossover SUV is one that is a hybrid between an SUV and other types of vehicles. In reality, it's just a fancy term for a less-substantiated type of SUV.

What is the best crossover SUV?

Nissan Quashqai

Could you inform me about crossover SUVs?

There are many online shops that provide crossover SUV for auto cars. is one of online shop that provides crossover SUV for auto cars. You can visit

what type of car is a crossover SUV?

A crossover SUV is more of a SUV looking car. Examples are such as Mini, Compacted, & Mid-sized CUVs. Others are Semi off roaders, Minivan, and also Sedan derived.

Where can one find information on the SRX Crossover?

The Cadillac SRX is luxury crossover SUV. The SRX has been in production since 2004. It is a smaller crossover and seats five people. The vehicle is available new and used from Cadillac dealerships. Used models are also available through eBay.

What kind of gas mileage does a crossover SUV get?

A crossover SUV has a gas mileage of about 30 mpg. Crossover SUVs are fuel efficient and are worth the price of one. They are also good for people who carry a lot in their car or for soccer moms.

Is Chevrolet captiva a SUV?

A Chevrolet Captiva would be considered a crossover, because it is a car based SUV.