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Leonardo da Vinci

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Q: Which Renaissance artist also filled notebooks with plans for flying machines and armored cars observations of plants and animals and anatomical drawings of the human body?
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Who made the first anatomical drawings?


What are the contribution of Michael angelo in biology?

Michelangelo produced detailed anatomical drawings of the human body. Scientific investigations gained momentum during this period of the Renaissance, and detailed drawings of the internal organs were of immense importance to the early days of surgical procedures.

What are anatomical drawings?

Anatomical drawings are drawings of animal anatomy. Blueprints of an animal if you will. They are used for education purposes, for the student to better understand how the animal body works. Perhaps an image of a human head, one half skin intact, where you can see the face, other half 'peeled' to reveal the muscles underneath. Anatomical drawings are made (instead of photographs) because the anatomical feature is easier to comprehend from a drawing. Anatomical drawing should be anatomically correct, AKA all details of the anatomy as authentically portrayed as is possible. Which means there is not much room for artistic whimsy or fantasy ideas. Anatomical drawings aim for best possible education. They are not realistic, as all the blood and gore is lacking, which is the exactly why they are better for study, as the student can focus on the details instead of the horror. Also because every individual is different, an anatomical drawing is most commonly a generalization of 'the perfect' alignment. Although anatomical drawings can also be made out of malformations.

What is the best example of Leonard da Vinci's desire to bring his art as close as possible to nature?

his anatomical drawings

Write a sentence with a plural possessive?

The students' notebooks were filled with colorful drawings and notes.

How does the excerpt portray Copernicus as a Renaissance Humanist?

he did his drawings of his heliocentric theory which became art of renaissance during his time period

Invention of of Leonardo sarao?

Leonardo da Vinci was a famous Italian polymath who lived during the Renaissance period. He is known for his artistic works like the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, as well as his scientific observations and inventions ranging from flying machines to anatomical drawings. While he conceptualized and sketched many inventions, most were not constructed during his lifetime.

When were army tanks invented?

The British invented tanks in WWI; to breach the trenches. ========== Early drawings for a tank appear in the notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci.

What can you conclude about Leonardo da Vinci from his anatomical drawings?

he had sharp observational skills and wanted his art to resemble real life as closely as possible

What do Leonardo da Vinci's drawings tell us?

Renaissance ideas included arts and science

Who is the biggest renaissance painter?

Probably Leonardo Da Vinci. Most people have heard of his drawings than his very accurate human body drawings because his anatomy drawings were only published a long time after his death.

Who filled notebooks with drawings of plants animals and machines?

Leonardo da Vinci drew pictures of plants, animals, people and even possible inventions such as a helicopter.