Where would you get a vehicle registered?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Registering a vehicle depends on where one lives. In the UK one can register a vehicle on the official government website by finding instruction on the vehicle registration section. They help one find a local DVLA office in order to complete a registration.

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Q: Where would you get a vehicle registered?
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is this vehicle currently registered?

is this vehicle currently registered?

How do you determine the state your vehicle should be registered in?

Your vehicle should be registered in the state you live in.

Is a 1994 suburban a truck?

It would typically be registered as such, although some states might allow it to be registered as a passenger vehicle, rather than a truck.

What is the total no of registered motor vehicle in India in 2009?

What is the total no of registered motor vehicle in Mumbai up-to 2009?

Is it legal to have a vehicle registered and insured at your grandparents home address?

As long as it is where the registered owner of the vehicle legally resides it is legal.

What is the color scheme for the number plate of a commercial vehicle?

That depends on the country where the vehicle is registered and then perhaps the state of that country.

Can the co-buyer of a vehicle registered it?


If you get a ticket for vehicle not registered and then register the automobile the same day areyou still liabel?

yes you would

How do you find owner of vehicle with only vin?

You would have to find out what state the vehicle was registered in (which you can do through services such as Carfax), then you would have to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles for the state the vehicle is registered in - however, this is no guarantee that the information wouldn't be confidential, and wouldn't require a court order for them to release it to you - you'll need to contact the appropriate DMV office for an answer on that.

Does a vehicle need to be registered to be towed by a car dolly?

The dolly needs to be registered, but the car does not.

What do you do with a vehicle that hasn't been registered in a long time in California?

Get it registered and pay for it or sell it.

how to get free vehicle simulator registered key?