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Monroney stickers can be found in a few places on a new or used car. These stickers can be found on the front, side or rear window of a car.

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Q: Where would you find a monroney sticker on a used or new car?
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What best describes the dealer sticker price of a vehicle?

Monroney Sticker or M.S.R.P StickerThe Dealer sticker price of a vehicle is the suggested retail asking price of the vehicle. The new car sticker price is normally set by the manufacture. Used car sticker prices are set by the actual dealer. Most new and used car dealerships will negotiate the retail price listed on the dealer sticker. Some new and used car dealerships will add an addendum sticker to the Dealer sticker (Monroney Sticker or M.S.R.P Sticker). This is normally high profit margin accessories that have been added by the dealer to increase profit margins when the vehicle is sold.The "Addendum Sticker Scam" is a very common car dealer scam, you can read more about it here by following the added link below.Car Buying Tip: You should never offer to pay the dealer suggested retail sticker price for a new or used vehicle. The best way to protect yourself from over-paying for a new or used car is to educate yourself before contacting a new or used car dealership.

In nys state inspection sticker there is T in sticker what is T stand for?

the same sticker is used for trailer inspections, if it were used on a trailer the "t" would be punched out.

What is a dealer sticker price?

Usually on a supplemental sticker, the dealer sticker price for a new car is the Monroney sticker price (MSRP) plus the suggested retail price of dealer-installed options, such as additional dealer markup (ADM) or additional dealer profit (ADP), dealer preparation, and undercoating. The "Sticker" Price is the highest "asking" price on a new or used car. Years ago there were no MSRP or Monroni info/pricing on new cars.These stickers are "mandated" by the government now to protect the public. This MSRP Price is also (and more importantly) the amount the lenders (Banks) will loan you. In the old days the Bank would loan $ based on the consumers individual "Credit" rating. Not based on the cars worth. Obvious Problems occurred Sticker price is a slang term and could be anything that is displayed on the car (windshield) in a form of a "sticker" of some kind. 1. It could be MSRP, if the "sticker" is by a Manufacturer. 2. It could be some kind of inflated price, depending on the state and country laws where you reside. 3. And it could be a bone fide sale price, if that is what the dealership wants to do.

Where do you find the model number on the Sanyo Pro xtrax projector?

It is located on a sticker on the back or bottom of the projector that has the voltage rating and the serial number. If yours does not have a sticker, and you have purchased the projector used, it may have been removed to disguise a stolen item since the serial number would have been removed too.

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the designer metal sticker are very used to our equipment are soo attractive the have used a gate cars and any other fixed equipment and also called a lot of of need a metal sticker in lot of use

Is sales tax built into sticker price of used car?

No, sales tax is not built into the sticker price of a used car in the US. Taxes are included in some other countries.

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Do you know if I can get a handicapped sticker for my delivery van because I use it to deliver meals to the elderly and infirmed?

States have different rules for obtaining handicap parking stickers, but most require a doctor's note to be used at the DMV office. A delivery van used for delivering meals to the elderly and disabled would probably not qualify for this sticker in most states. The handicap sticker is for handicaped persons to help in transportation not to help in the food delivery by nonhandicapped drivers.

Would you buy a used mustang or new?

I recommend buying a used mustang because they are just as good but are much cheaper and a new mustang is not worth the larger sticker price therefore I recommend buying a used mustang.

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Can a dealer sell a used car without a state inspection sticker in Texas?


Used Car Warranties?

If you are buying a used car, find out if it is still under warranty. Often times used cars are still under factory warranty, which can be a big bonus for buyers. Look for a Buyer's Guide sticker posted on the car's side window. This sticker is required by the FTC on all used cars sold by dealers. It tells whether a service contract is available.This will help you to determine if the vehicle is being sold with a warranty, implied warranties, or "as is".