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Was in Allentown, PA and is currently in Greensboro, NC.

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Q: Where was the headquarters of Mack Trucks located?
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Where is the Mack Trucks in Allentown Pennsylvania located?

The address of the Mack Trucks is: 2402 Lehigh Pkwy S, Allentown, PA 18103-2900

Where is the oil sending unit located in 2012 mack trucks?

Need to know if it has the Mack or Cummins engine in order to answer.

What is Mack Trucks's population?

Mack Trucks's population is 5,037.

When was Mack Trucks created?

Mack Trucks was created in 1900.

When was Mack Trucks Inc founded?

Mack Trucks Inc was founded in 1900 and was originally known as the Mack Brothers Company. It was not until 1922 that it became known simply as Mack Trucks Inc.

Who runs mack trucks?

Currently, Mack Trucks is now run by Dennis Slagle.

Who owns mack trucks?

Volvo bought mack trucks back in 2006 and discontinued using mack engines in 2007

Can tow trucks handle larger vehicles such as mack trucks?

Tow trucks, including heavy-duty models like wrecker trucks, are designed to handle various vehicles, including commercial Mack trucks. They are equipped with powerful winches, sturdy equipment, and specialized attachments, and their proper use ensures safety and prevents damage.

What is the web address of the Mack Trucks in Allentown Pennsylvania?

The web address of the Mack Trucks is:

Who builds Mack Trucks?

Mack. The parent company of Mack is Volvo A.B.

What trucks have a name that starts with m?

Mack Trucks

Where can you buy a mack truck hat?

At a Mack Trucks dealership.