Where to download PS1 memcards?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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Where to download ps1 memcards...I think you are talking about for PSX Emulator. It took me forever to find one, but here it is:

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Q: Where to download PS1 memcards?
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Where can you download free PS1 games for pC?

You can download it from psxa2z.

How do you download a PS1 emu?

You can look for one at

Can you download PS1 games from the PC and copy to a ps3?


Can you download a PS1 game on your psp without firmware instead you can download it onto your psp with a file of the game?

Official PSP firmware does not allow converted PS1 games to be played.

You downloaded all software belongs to PS1 how to run and play the PS1 games?

Just use Psx Ps1 Emulator and download rom's But only if you already have purchased the game itself

How do you play a japense ps1 game?

you download it on the playstation store for psp and ps3 it costs money per download

Where can you get PS1 games free download?

Via a download client like utorrent or azurez and download torrents and there you go.

How do you get a PS1 to work without cable?

Use your phone download the right app

Will final fantasy ps1 GameShark codes work on a ps2 GameShark?

there wouldn't be PS1 codes on a ps2 gameshark but since ps1 games work on ps2 you might be able to download ps1 cheats onto ps2 gameshark but it is doughtful since ps1 and ps2 gamesharks and gameshark codes are probably differant format

How to download PS1 games?

How a person downloads a PS1 game will depend upon where the person is downloading the game from. In most cases, wherever you are purchasing the game from will give you the direct instructions.

Where to download PS1 games for ps3?

I think you need to have have ethernet cable and go to playstaion store.

Do PS1 games on the PS3 ruin it?

yes..ibelieve they do or at least u can download and play on ps3