Where to cash a comcheck?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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At truck stop

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Q: Where to cash a comcheck?
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Does a trucker have to pay lumper fees?

Companies typically care of this. They usually send a Comcheck express code.

Who pays the lumper fee?

The carrier usually does. If you're a company driver, your company should issue you a Comcheck, TCH check, or let you take a cash advance for the lumper fee. Don't let the lumpers pressure you into cashing the check for them... they just try to put that $3 cashing fee on you, and you have no obligation to do that.

What is the difference between Cash and cash equivalents and Cash provided by operating activities?

Difference between cash and cash equivalent is that cash equivalent is not cash like other cash but it is so liquid that it can be converted to cash immediately when required like marketable securities while cash provided from operating activities means cash generated by selling goods to customers.

Is cash in bank- current is part of cash and cash equivalent?

cash in bank is current assests

Actual cash received from cash sales was 9755.75. The cash register total was 9735.55. What is the journal entry to record cash receipts and cash sales.?

Cash 9735.75 Cash Short and Over 20.20 Sales 9755.75

What is the future cash flow of cash?

The term "future cash flow(s)" describes cash that will be received in the future.

Is Petty cash is cash and cash equivalents?

yes, of course

What if cash flow is negative?

Negative cash flow means cash outflow from business and overall negative cash flow means more cash outflows from business then cash inflow.

Difference between petty cash and main cash book?

cash book is the statement which contain's the total cash information . the information includes "cash in hand & cash at bank" petty cash book is maintain by company to meet their daily expenditure

When performing a cash flow analysis the is the sum of the positive and negative cash flows?

Cash flow analysis is the study of cash inflows and outflows from which activities company received how much cash inflows as well as how much cash outflows from business. If cash inflows more than cash outflows there will be more closing balance of cash then openening balance of cash.

What information is needed in order to prepare a cash budget?

A cash budget begins with the starting cash balance to which cash inflows are added to get cash available.

What is cash inflow and outflow?

Exactly what it sounds like. A cash inflow means that cash is going into the company, and a cash outflow means cash is going out of the company.