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The small wire connects to the "S" terminal. The "R" terminal is not used if you have electronic ignition.

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Q: Where should you put the little wire on starter solenoid at It's on the R post now should it be on the S post?
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How do you hook up the wires to a starter on a 1978 350 rocket?

The large one from the positive side of the battery attaches to the large post mounted on the starter solenoid and a smaller purple wire that attaches to the small post on the starter solenoid marked "S". The small post on the starter solenoid marked "R" is not used with that vehicle. Any accessory power wires would also attach to the large post on the starter solenoid.

How do you test a solenoid?

there should be 3 or four post's on it.1 of the little posts runs to the starting switch. if there is another little one,that runs to of the big posts runs derectly to the battery.the other big one to the starter. the starter SHOULD be grounded on the engine block if not,it will probably have a ground wire. to test the solenoid,turn the key to "start" (or press you're push buton,if no key) then there should be somewhere around the battery voltage going through the little post that is not ground...if not,you're switch is bad. but if you are getting current, try the post that runs to the starter. if that is also getting current(odviously while the button is pushed or the key is in "start" position) but you're not getting an engine turnover,then you're starter is bad. but if you don't get current through the starter post,check you're ground. it might be the little post next to the engagement post or, if there is only the engagement, check the metal-to-metal contact on the solenoid mount. if you are still not getting results, it is time for a new solenoid. and,also,before you go replacing the starter try taking out the spark plugs.sometimes there is just to much compression buildup.if it still doesent work,new starter!

What does the s mean on a starter solenoid?

Putting 12V power to that "S" post will ingauge the starter.

Where do you put the ground wire from the starter on a 1991 s-10 blazer 4.3?

There is no ground wire from the starter. You should have one large wire from the positive battery post that connects to the large stud on the starter solenoid and one small wire that attaches to the small stud on the starter solenoid.

How do you bypass the starter solenoid?

Remove the lighter gauge wires from the solenoid, and connect full battery power (cable) directly to to the positive post on the starter motor.

How do you know if starter motor is faulty?

Take it off the vehicle. Put it in a vice. Get a battery charger. Attach the positive cable to the large post on the back of the starter solenoid. Attach the black post to a ground point. Take a test lead or screwdriver and make a closed circuit between the large post at the back of the solenoid and the small one. If it functions as it should normally, it might be fine. If not, you know it's faulty. If the starter engages the flywheel briefly, but then spins freely, your solenoid is going bad.

1988 blazer wont turn over have great battery replaced starter can start jumping starter post to post wkey on any sugestions?

check solenoid

How do you install 89 bronco starter solenoid?

Should be located on inner fender usually passenger side. Battery + to one large post Starter wire to other large post Small trigger wire to (either if 2) small terminal

What do you do if a few days after replacing the starter the engine wouldn't turn off and your replaced ignition switch and solenoid but it is still doing it?

be sure to double and triple check the wiring of the starter. If for some reason the two posts coming off the starter are grounded the flow of electricity will keep moving keeping the motor running. the positive battery cable should go stright to the starter to the positive post(usually the one on the top when you look down at it from top of motor), then the ground should actually be somewhere on the transmission(usually the post on the bottom looking down) then there is usually a third connection point(no post) that goes to the solenoid, if not go through the solenoid then to the starter with the positive wire. good luck

Wiring the starter solenoid on a 1986 ford crown vic?

One large terminal post to battery Other large terminal post to starter Small terminal post to trigger wire If extra small terminal post disregard

1996 Saturn SL won't start and new starter still clicks so tried jumping it but still clicks finally connected positive from booster battery directly to starter and it started what's wrong?

Your problem is the starter solenoid. It may be a remote solenoid mounted on the inner fender well. You can easily check it by running a battery booster cable from the positive battery post to the starter side of the solenoid wiring (the heavy wiring). If the starter operates, the solenoid is bad.

How do you test a solenoid on a riding mower?

The solenoid will have two big posts and one or two small posts. Mark and remove the wires from the small posts. If you have one small post you can hook up a jumper wire from the + side of the battery to the small post and it should make the starter crank over. If it has two small posts hook one jumper from the + side of the battery to one of the small posts and another jumper from the - side of the battery to the other small post. If it is OK it will engage the starter. If you get nothing then the solenoid is bad.