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Yes. Low carbon steel is used in the body of the car.

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Q: Where on a motor vehicle would low carbon steel be used?
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Where on a motor vehicle would high carbon steel be used?

yer maw

Where on a motor vehicle would low carbon be used?

Yes. Low carbon steel is used in the body of the car.

Where on a vehicle would high carbon steel be used?

yer maw

What is equivalent to st 37-k steel?

37-k steel is known for being a simple carbon steel that is used in engineering. An equivalent would be carbon steel.

What steel would you use to make a screwdriver blade?

High carbon steel

What effect would carbon atoms have on the hardness of the high steel carbon?

Carbon atoms would make High Carbon Steel harder as carbon atoms are bigger than iron atoms, which makes it harder for the atoms to move around.

Where would high carbon steel be on a car?

on the spoiler tail

Is alloy steel stronger than carbon steel?

It depends on what type of alloy steel you are referring to. Alloy steels such as Cpm D2 would generally be "stronger" then plain carbon steels.

Are car bodies made of high carbon steel or low carbon steel?

The sheet metal used to make car bodies is low carbon steel. High carbon steel is too brittle for an application like this. The low carbon steel is easy to work, has good strength, and doesn't end up brittle when it comes out of the press. Additionally, when low carbon steel car bodies get into an accident, the low carbon steels bends, folds and deforms more than high carbon steel (which would break), and this helps absorb the energy of the crash. Low carbon steel is a win, win, win material for car bodies.

What ferrous metal's are used to manufacture motor cars?

Ferrous would be iron and steelFerrous would be iron and steel

Why crane hook materia is high carbon steel?

the main reason might be that the percentage of carbon increase the hardness of material (steel ) and ductility would decrease

What would happen if high carbon steel was hardened?

it becomes strength

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