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If memory serves correctly --On the drivers side, below and between the # 3 and #5 spark plugs (2nd and 3rd)1-3-5-7 from front. Follow the wire.

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Q: Where is the temp sending unit on a 1985 305 engine?
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Why does the temp gauge read hot when the engine is cool on a 1997 Mitsubishi montero?

The temp sending unit may be shorted to ground. Unplug the sending unit to see if the gauge drops to cold. If it does, you have a faulty temp sending unit.

Where does the hot wire lead to from the sending unit on a 1986 Chevy s-10 pickup?

Which sending unit? Oil pressure sending unit? Engine temp sending unit? Fuel gauge sending unit?

Where 1s the temp sending unit on a 1974 460 4v engine?

The temp sending unit should be found close to the thermostat housing. It will have a single wire attached to it.

Where is the coolant temp sending unit on a 2005 Trailblazer?

The 4.2 or the 5.3 engine?

Where is the temp sending unit on a 1992 S-10?

The 2.2L or the 4.3L engine?

How do you fix engine coolant temperature circuit high input on dodge grand caravan?

If the wiring and connections at the coolant temp sending unit check okay start with replacing the coolant temp sending unit. Temp sending unit should be less than $20.

Where is the temperature sending unit on a 95 lumina with a 3.1?

The 95 Lumina with a 3.1 engine does not have a temperature sending unit. Instead, the dash temp gauge is controlled by the engine coolant temp sensor. This sensor is located on the driver's side, top of the engine.

Where is the sending unit fuse on a 1997chevy s-10 with a 2.2L engine?

Need to know which sending unit, there are several, oil, temp, fuel,

Does the engine temp sensor or the water temp sensor work the temp gauge in the dash in a 97 Chevy Venture?

THE temp sending unit 4 the inside gauge usally has 1 wire & the sending unit 4 the Computer has 2 wires.

Why is the gauge stays on cold and does not move up even the engine has sufficiently warmed up?

The temp sending unit or gauge is bad, probably the sending unit.

What is the purpose of a temperature sending unit?

it sends the engine temp to the computer tells if it is hot or cold ....

Where is the temp sending unit on a Ford 460 engine?

The sending unit for the computer is on the drivers side right behind the distributor. The sending unit for the gauge in the cab is on the passenger side (both tap directly into the intake