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The reverse gear linkage would be attached to the transmission, not the transfer case.

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Q: Where is the reverse gear linkage in your transfer case?
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Can a bad transfer case cause to have no reverse?

No. In most vehicles reverse is also high gear, on automatics.

How do you fix a parked car stuck in reverse?

Manual or Automatic?? In either case, most likely the linkage. Manual, might be the syncronizer gear or low on lubricant.

Why isn't my reverse gear working '78 VW type 2 reverse not engaging when trying to engage reverse gear It just ends up In second and when in fourth gear gear lever is sloppy and hits your knee?

The linkage could be bad.

The auto will go forward an drive but the indicate s its in reverse?

usually a linkage problem - adjust linkage that connects transmission to gear shift

Where is the reverse switch in a 1994 dodge ram?

I would look on the transmission by the gear shift linkage.

What causes a vehicle to move forward when in reverse?

Your gear linkage is offset!! Or you are on a steep down hill

Why won't 1969 Corvette shifter go into reverse?

The linkage that connects the shift lever to the transmission could be out of adjustment or the reverse gear in the transmission itself could be bad. Usually it's the linkage.

What would cause a sportsman 500 not go into any gear but low?

Check your shift linkage as one linkage is for low . another for high and reverse .

Can you flat tow a 1998 Jeep Wrangler?

Yes. Transmission in park or in gear, and transfer case in neutral.Yes. Transmission in park or in gear, and transfer case in neutral.

Why won't your 1995 z28 won't reverse?

possibly a bad linkage between your shifter and your transmission, if that's not the problem its the reverse gear in your transmission

Why would a 2002 polaris sportsman 500 be stuck in low range any ideas?

Check the shift linkage to see if it is loose , and has gotten out of adjustment . Unhook both the high /reverse linkage and the low linkage . See if you can shift it out of gear with a pair of pliers . Then see if you can get it in high and reverse . If you can then adjust the linkage .

Stuck in 4 low?

A broken shifting fork in the transfer case will cause your vehicle to stay in the gear that it was in when the shifting fork broke. Broken shifting linkage can also cause the problem.