Where is the old man in parchment desert?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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walking go to the left for 4 seconds (counting one Mississippi or one thousand) then go strait up and there he is

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Q: Where is the old man in parchment desert?
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Why cant you find fossils in parchment desert in fossil fighters?

you have to give an oasis seed to the old man on the bottom left of parchment desert. the seeds can be purchased at the store in the guild area for 20,000 G.

How do you get to the Parchment Desert in Fossil Fighters and where is it?

First, you have to beat the game to unlock it then talk to Beth to go to the dig site Parchment Desert. After that talk to an old man then go the the shop in fossil guild and ask what today's special is, it'll be oasis seeds for 20k each, buy them and give them to the old man, then wait awhile and then go back and there be an oasis behind the old man then you'll finally be able to have the sonar detect fossils in parchment desert now.

Where is the old guy in parchment desert in fossil fighters?


Where do you find giganto in fossil fighters?

Same place as you get a Gorgo. And if you don't know were that is it is the Parchment desert [Giganto heads are hard to clean so don't be sad if you fail, I only got 50 on the body and arms and got 53 on the head].

After you give the oasis seeds to the old man in fossil fighters at parchment desert how do you get a t-rex?

trex should be in the top left hand corner of the dessert p.s YOU NEED OASIS 1,2,3,4.

Why won't the sonar work in Parchment Desert in fossil fighters?

You need to talk to a old man in the bottom left corner of the desert. he will tell you that the desert is too hot for the sonar and you need to plant oasis seeds. then the seeds will be available in the shop for 20,000G each. you will need four of them to be able to search the whole desert.

Where do you get aopteryx in fossil fighters?

You get her in Parchment Desert.

Where to get Mihu in fossil fighters?

You find it at the parchment desert.

How do you get cheirus fossils in fossil fighters?

It is at the Parchment Desert.

Where to find Allo on fossil fighters?

Allo is in Parchment Desert.

How do you tyrannosaurus on fossil fighters?

T-Rex is in Parchment Desert.

Where are there a t-rex vivosaur?

In the parchment desert after you beat the game