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The high pressure is along the firewall on the driver side. The Low side port is between the brake master cylinder (Also on driver side) and the air intake pipe. It should have a black plastic cap with an "L" on it.

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Q: Where is the low pressure ac port on a 95 rodeo?
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Which port is the low pressure port on a 95 ford explorer?

The low side will always be the suction side, the larger hose.....

Where do you find the low pressure port on a 95 Buick skylark?

Should be on the larger hose from the compressor

Where is the low pressure port on 95 town car?

On the evaparotor (black canister) on passenger side

Where is the low pressure service port in a 95 Dodge Stratus?

low pressure towards the evaporator ( towards the inside of car) and the high pressure is towards the condensor in front of the radiator

Where is low side service port for ac on 1996 ford bronco?

iam look for my low pressure point on ford bronco 95

Where is the low side ac port on a 95 jeep Cherokee?

witch is the low side on a 95 jeep 4.0

How can you tell if 95 Rodeo oil pump is bad?

No oil pressure - after checking with a manual gauge

Where is the low side service port on 1994 Buick century?

im trying to find out where the a/c low side service port is on my 95 buick century

Locate low port on 95 Toyota camery?

I am guessing that you mean the low pressure side of the AC system. Find the larger line between the compressor and where it enters the fire wall. You will find a cap for the low side. That is where refrigerant is introduced into the system.

Where is the low pressure ac valve on a 95 Pontiac sunfire?

at the accumulator

Where is low side on 95 camaro z28 air conditioning?

The low side port for the air conditioner on a 95 Camaro Z28 is located above the condenser. It is the smaller of the hoses next to the firewall.

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