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There really isn't a law for that. If your abusing the kids or hurting them it's fine. It's just as safe as leaving your kids at home there both locked up.

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Q: Where is the law for leaving children in a park running car?
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What can make a battery drain when car is not running?

mainly leaving your lights on when the engine is of or leaving the keys in the ignition

How you waste water when you wash the car?

By leaving the hose running when not in use.

How do you shift out of park when car is not running on a 2011 Buick Lacrosse?

the new cars gear will not move unless the car is running

Is that legal for a driver to leave a vehicle unoccupied with the ignition on but in park?

It depends on the location. There are many places where there are laws about leaving a vehicle running and unattended. And it is not a smart thing to do. The car could get stolen, or a child could get into it and be injured.

Can you park your car in a storage unit?

Yes, most places will let you park a vehicle as long as its running and you have the title.

What is Kaitlyn law?

Kaitlyn's Law is the law governing the care and safety of children with respect to leaving them in the car. Basically, as long as the car is not running, doors are locked, and the car properly ventilated, providing the child is otherwise safe, a child can be left in a car unattended if age 6 or older. Under the age of 6, the child must be accompanied by a child age 12 or older, when the car is left running.

Can you give a sentence with the word running?

Jacob jumped out of the car and left it running. Samuel could be seen running from the park when it started to rain.The candidate is running for office.

Can a car move without motor running?

yes, if it isn't in park and is on an incline it surely can

Is it best to reverse into a car park space?

Yes, if possible. It means your vision is much better when leaving the space

What should you do when leaving your car?

lock the doors, put it in park, turn the lights off if they are on and put on the emergency break

Why when you powerwash your engine while its running now the engine is still running but the car is not physically moving what could be wrong?

Because it's in park.

Does leaving the car on but not driving it anywhere drain the battery?

If the engine is running, then no. The alternator constantly keeps the battery charged.