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The gdi unit is driven by a cam shaft the valve most likely turns fuel on and off I suspect the valve would be the place where the gas lines converge on the cylinder head

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Q: Where is the gdi valve on a Mitsubishi space star?
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What does gdi stand for on Mitsubishi cars?


Where is the o2 sensor on a Mitsubishi pejero 1999 3.5 GDI v75w?

Where is the o2 sensor on a Mitsubishi pejero 1999, V6 GDI V75W

What Mitsubishi engine's do Volvo's use?

The Volvo V40 uses (among others) the 1.8 Mitsubishi GDI engine. GDI = Gasoline Direct Injection.

Mitsubishi space star 1.8 gdi cuts over 60mph goes into l limp mode engine light on or driven hard fault code p1221 plus traction fault?

P1221` throttle position sensor

What do icon's mean on dash board of Mitsubishi pajero gdi?

The icons on the dashboard of a Mitsubishi Pajero GDI usually referred to a possible problem. The engine icon means there is a problem with the engine.

What is the recommended engine oil for the GDI Mitsubishi pajero io?

dear queen

Is the CV axle on the Mitsubishi Galant 2.4L GDI -99 the same for automatic and manual transmission?


What is the correct spark plug gap for a 2000 Mitsubishi charisma gdi?

for best all round power and spark 0.8

What is the recommended auto transmission oil for the Mitsubishi GDI engine?

All you have to do is check on the dip stick and you will find the code for the correct oil.

Where can you get Mitsubishi Dion GDI manual?

to the dealer where you bought it ussually u have to pay them 50NZD for translating it in English because they are in Japanese language?/

Engine oil type Mitsubishi carisma gdi?

engine oil type is fully synthetic 5w /40 or genuine spec from Mitsubishi is called, 'Performance GDI' this oil will run cleaner and reduce carbon deposit development to the intake system. any more questions please ask away. Dave (

What is the fuel tank capacity of a mitsubishi carisma gdi x reg?

It says 60 Liters, but it's always a little bit more.