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Knowing the location of the OBD port is apart of owning a car. The location of the port in the 1997 Charisma 1.6 is in the drivers footwell near the bottom of the steering column.

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Q: Where is the diagnostic plug location on a 97 Carisma 1.6?
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Where is the diagnostic plug location on a 1996 Honda Odyssey?

drivers side under the dash should be a 16 pin plug

Diagnostic plug frontera 2.5TDS?

Vauxhall frontera diagnostic OBD2 : Feel Under the Fuse Box: Drivers side:16 PIN.

Where is the diagnostic plug on s type jaguar?

under the dash on the drivers side near the clutch/brake pedal should be 16 pin obd11

Where is the ABS diagnostic connector on a Mercedes c200 1998?

The diagnostic plug you mean? it should be either in the foot well of the driver or passenger side it looks like >>><<< 16 pin connector as standard.

Where is Renault megane 1999 diagnostic port?

if it is the coupe model then look to the right of the steering wheel where the fuse box take the cover off and at the top Left hand corner on the fuse box there is a 16 pin plug that is the plug your looking for

Were can you find the 16 pin diagnostic plug on a fiat bravo 1996 1.6?

It is not a 16 pin, it is a 3 pin on this model, it is under the bonnet in the back left hand side in front of the fuse box, near the steering fluid.

Where is diagnostic socket on suzuki vitara 1998?

it is under the drivers side lower dash its a DL 16 plugOn all OBD-II equipped vehicles, the diagnostic connector should be visible when you look horizontally at the lower edge of the dashboard on the driver's side. You should not have to look up, into the backside of the dashboard.

Can you change 32 amp 110v plug to a 16 amp 110 v plug?

Provided the equipment draws less than 16 amps it can be supplied from a 16 A plug.

Where is the diagnostic plug situated on a vw golf mk4 1.6 petrol?

If you have the Golf Mk4 1.6 with petrol AEH motor and is right hand drive.You can locate the 16 pin OBD diagnostic connector behind a plastic cover concealing it, lower part of the center console area under the radio. You will need to remove the plastic cover to expose the OBD connector.OBD II (VAG) vehicle diagnostic interface pinoutRegards,GM

What does diagnostic code 16 mean on a Dodge Dakota 5.2 motor?

Fault code 16 means: Loss of battery voltage.

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