Where is the city of Barrow?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the northernmost point of Alaska

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Q: Where is the city of Barrow?
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What is the most Northern city in North America?

the northern most city is Barrow, Alaska if not a city then anchorage

What is Alaska's northernmost city?


What state is the city of Barrow in?


What is the northenmost city in Alaska?


What is the nourthernmost city in Alaska?


What is the name of the northernmost city in Alaska?

Barrow in North central Alaska, a commercial center on the Arctic Ocean. It is the northernmost U.S. city. Population: 3,469. Nearby Point Barrow is the northernmost point in the U.S., at 71° 23′ N.

In what state is the city Barrow located?


What is the coldest city is the us?

Barrow Alaska

What is the northernmost U.S city?

The northern most U.S. city is, Barrow

What city is in the northern part of Alaska?

Ketchikan is called the first city, because for obvious reasons, we are the first city that is north from Seattle, and the last city going south to Seattle. It is an awesome city, lots of community spirit!

What small town in the US became famous in the US?

Barrow, Alaska after reaching an average of -10 degrees in the winter. Barrow is the coldest city and the most famous city in the us

Which Alaskan city is forthest north?

The city that is the forthest north is the Barrow thank you x3