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Should be about half way at the "belt-line"

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Q: Where is the center of gravity on a rear wheel drive vehicle?
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What is the effect of size of tire on SUV vehicle?

Speedometer/odometer accuracy will not be correct. Center of gravity will change (roll over factor). Handling and performance and fuel mileage will change, probably not for the better. All 4 wheels must be of same size if vehicle is 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive.

How can you tell if a Cadillac SRX 4 wheel drive or 2 wheel drive?

Check the sticker under the hood near the center of the vehicle, it should show "all wheel drive" if it is all wheel drive, or look under the vehicle to see front axels and wheel drive shafts and rear drive shaft and rear end "pumpkin"

Can you change a 1993 4l80e transmission to a 4x4?

The center shaft in a 2-wheel drive transmission is shorter then a 4-wheel drive transmission because the 2-wheel drive does not have a transfur case on the back of it. NOW, You can take the center shaft out of the 4-wheel drive trans. and install it in the 2-wheel trans. and it will now work in the 4-wheel drive vehicle. To change the center shaft requires both transmission to be taken all the way apart.

Where is the front drive shaft?

IT depends on the vehicle. Of course it is in the front of the vehicle but is it an older 4 wheel drive,all wheel drive or a standard 2 wheel FWD.

How do you switch from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive?

It depends on the vehicle and if it actually has 4 wheel drive. Some vehicles have it on the dashboard while some have it on the floor of the vehicle

Is a 2000 ford truck front wheel drive vehicle?

rear wheel drive or four wheel drive capable

Is Toyota innova 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive?

It is a front engine rear wheel drive vehicle. It is not available as a 4 wheel drive.

Is a 1985 ford ltd a front wheel or rear wheel drive vehicle?

rear wheel drive

What is the difference between front wheel drive and two wheel drive?

A front wheel drive vehicle is only driven with the front wheels. It will have a transmission in the front with drive lines attached. A two wheel drive vehicle is any vehicle that is only driven by two wheels. It can be a front or rear wheel vehicle. For instance. My dodge ram 1500 v6 is two wheel drive from the rear. An Oldsmobile cutlas cirea is two wheel drive but in the front. I hope this helped. Derek

Is a 1992 ford aerostar a front wheel drive or rear wheel drive vehicle?

rear or optional all wheel drive

How much is the cost to change a front wheel drive car to a rear wheel drive car?

To pay someone to do this job would not be cost effective. Better to buy a rear wheel drive vehicle and sell the front wheel drive vehicle.

What is a all wheel drive?

Do you mean four wheel drive ? If so, it means all wheels drive a vehicle.