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If anyone is looking donate a boat I would highly recommend donating to My husband and I just donated our 1990's mini yacht to them last month. When you donate your boat you receive a fair market tax deduction. All of the people we dealt with were professional and on top of things. I was very pleased with the whole process.

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Q: Where is the best place to donate a boat within the US?
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Where is the best place to live and have a sailing boat in the UK?

The United Kingdom offers several excellent locations for living and owning a sailing boat, each with its own unique features and advantages. Some of the best places to live and have a sailing boat in the UK include: Southampton: Located on the south coast of England, Southampton is a major port city with a rich maritime history. It offers easy access to the Solent, a renowned sailing area with numerous marinas, sailing clubs, and sailing events. Southampton also has excellent transport links and a vibrant waterfront lifestyle. Isle of Wight: Just off the coast of Hampshire, the Isle of Wight is a popular destination for sailors and boating enthusiasts. Cowes, on the northern coast of the island, is famous for its sailing heritage and hosts major sailing events such as Cowes Week. The Isle of Wight offers picturesque anchorages, scenic coastline, and a relaxed island lifestyle. Plymouth: Situated in Devon on the southwest coast of England, Plymouth is another historic maritime city with a thriving sailing community. It provides access to the Plymouth Sound and the surrounding waters of Devon and Cornwall, known for their stunning scenery and diverse sailing opportunities. Falmouth: Located in Cornwall on the south coast of England, Falmouth is a charming coastal town with a deep maritime heritage. Falmouth Harbour offers sheltered waters and easy access to the Carrick Roads, an extensive estuary popular for sailing and boating. The area is surrounded by beautiful beaches, coastal walks, and vibrant maritime culture. Lymington: Situated on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire, Lymington is a picturesque town with a bustling sailing scene. It provides access to the Solent and offers excellent sailing facilities, including marinas, yacht clubs, and sailing schools. Lymington also boasts a quaint town center, scenic river views, and easy access to the Isle of Wight. These are just a few examples, and there are many other coastal towns and cities in the UK that offer fantastic opportunities for living and sailing. When choosing a location, consider factors such as sailing amenities, local services, transport links, cost of living, and personal preferences for lifestyle and surroundings.

Where is the best place to put pfds while your out on a boat?

The best place to put PFDs while you're on the water is on your body. You should always wear your PFD when you boat.

Where is the best place to put PFDs while out on your boat?

The best place to put PFDs while you're on the water is on your body. You should always wear your PFD when you boat.

What kind of website is Donate Your Boat?

Donate Your Boat takes used boats, refurbishes them, and the resells with the profits going towards Family Empowerment Centers a non-profit organization.

What is the best place to put PFD while out on your boat?

Best place to put it is to put it on. They only work if you are wearing them.

Where is the best place to put off on boat?

From the bow (front).

Where is the best place on a boat to store a pfd?

In an open bin near the passenger

Where is the best place to buy a used bass fishing boat in Charlotte, NC?

Bass Boat Outlet is probably the best place to start looking. It's a used boat site. However, you will need to refine your search to the area you're looking to buy in.

What companies accept boat donations?

There are many organizations that accept boat donations for charity. Just some of them are 'Donate Your Boat', 'BoatsWith Causes'.This charity has been acquired by Charity Boats ( and Boats2Charity ( which are both operated under the IRS recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Giving Center.Although this charity has been successful for many years in assisting the less fortunate, we believe this transition will allow us to assist even more needy individuals by utilizing the boat donations that are received by people like you.If you have a boat that is taking up too much space, you can donate a boat to charity for a good cause! Donate that boat that you don't use anymore! Get rid of those expensive slip fees and donate to charity! Don't have a trailer? That's alright too! We pick up and transport your boat donation at no cost to you. There's nothing to lose, yet a family has everything to gain when you donate your boat!

Where is the best place for a fire extinguisher on a boat?

Fire extinguishers need to be located in an easy to reach place but not in the way of people trying to board or get off the boat. A good place would be near the pilots seat.

What is the best place to store PFD's on a boat?

no where, if you are not an adult you should be wearing your PFD. but it is better to have one for evry one on the boat. evan if they can swim

What keeps a boat in place?

A boat is kept in place by an anchor.