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Depends not all chryslers have them if standard model others do. I know standard you have to install it, the next class up model has it inside of the dash marked AUX some of the premium vehicles have it inside of the arm rest center consol. If you dont see it you have standard and you will have to run aux from your audio player also depends if its factory you might not have it and dont take it to dealership they charge crazy prices, install one your self or take it to shop and put one in with aux in it.

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Q: Where is the aux input on a 2006 Chrysler 300?
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Does the 2005 Chrysler crossfire have an aux jack?

Unfortunately, there's no available auxiliary input.

Where is the Aux input jack on a 2006 dodge charger RT with Nav system and Sirius radio?

The '06s didn't have an Aux Jack input on the stock radios.

Does the 2006 Chevy Cobalt ls radio have an aux input?

No, in 2007 Chevy began putting AUX inputs in their cars.

Does a stock Chevy uplander radio have an aux speaker jack input?

Not on my 2006 Uplander.

Is there an aux input on 2008 Toyota Tacoma?

Alas, no aux input on the 2008 Tacoma. 2009 does come standard with the aux input.

Where is the aux input of a 2006 Ford Fusion?

It's in the center console of the vehicle... or arm rest.

Where is aux input jack Honda Odyssey?

There is no aux input jack in Honda Odyssey 2007 model.

Does BMW 325i 2006 have an aux input?

yes, it is inside the center console between the driver and passenger seats

Do all 2006 fusions come with Aux input?

they all are equipped but i know for sure the S model you need to install it.

Where is the aux input in 2007 accord?

Its not there

Where is the aux input jack in a 2007 charger srt with factory nav and Sirius?

The factory systems didn't include an aux input.

On a 2003 Toyota matrix radio what is the aux input for and how do i use it?

Its for installing an auxiliary audio device, like a CD changer or a satellite radio. You have to remove your radio to attach a device to it. There was no auxiliary input in the 2003 Toyota matrix and was not optional the first aux was for the 2006 matrix and up