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Usually behind the grill, in front of the radiator or to either side of the radiator.

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Q: Where is the Ambient air temperature sensor located - what does it look like?
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Where is the ambient air temperature sensor located in a 2001 Volkswagen Beetle?

If you look at the front grill, below the bumper, the small bulb like sensor is snapped into the lower drivers side there.

Where is the Ambient air temperature sensor located - what dose it look like?

on the (7 Olds Aurora it is in tront of Radiato in the air inlet area acessable from under front of car it just clips on

Where is the ambient air temperature sensor located on th 2006 dodge caravn?

It is located in front of the radiator. It doesn't look like much, just a little plastic thing about the size of your thumb with one electric plug going into the top of it.

What does a coolant temperature gauge sensor look like on a 1999 Cadillac Catera?

Where is the engin temperature gauge sensor located on the 1999 cadillac catera?

Where is the maf sensor for a 2000 Dodge Durango?

On a 2000 Durango, the MAF sensor is known as an "ambient air temperature" sensor. Follow your air intake to the manifold. It's sticking out of the right side, under the manifold and looks like this: Good Luck.

Where is the ambient temp sensor located on 2008 silverado?

Try over in the ceiling over the drivers head and it looks like a mic for the onstar system.

Where is the Ambient temperature sensor on a 2003 GMC Envoy?

I have a 2004 Trailblazor and the sensor is just to the right of the hood latch behind the front grill near the top. It is a small box like shape with two wires plugged into it.

What does an outside temperature sensor look like on a 325i BMW?

If you have a 1989-1995 model 325i, the ambient temperature sensor should be part # 65818350779. Best way to see a picture is do a Google image search on the part number. It will look like a plastic piece, black on the probe portion, yellow on the plug-in portion, with 2 round electrical connector pins.

Do solids like iron in ambient temperature have vapor pressure?

No ... at least not a measurable one.

Were is the ambient air temperature sensor located on a 2001 jeep grand Cherokee?

It is located on the front of the radiator. If you look through the grill (at the radiator) you can see it. It is just off center toward the passenger side. It is a very small black piece of plastic. It looks like there is a short straw coming off the top of it.

What is the body of a red eyed tree frog?

Like all amphibians, the body temperature of a frog will be very close to the ambient temperature.

Where is the temperature sensor on your Subaru Forester?

should be located on the thermostat housing like most cars. i have also seen them located on the front side of the radiator it should be cliped on the radiator.