Where is AXA Direct Car Insurance located?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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AXA has many offices around the world and sells direct car insurance in each location. The head office in France is located 25 Avenue Matignon, 75008, Paris, France.

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Q: Where is AXA Direct Car Insurance located?
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According to AXA Insurance website why should experienced careful drivers choose AXA car insurance?

There are many reasons why the experienced and careful drivers should choose AXA car insurance. According to the AXA Insurance website, experienced and careful drivers should choose AXA car insurance to get a 90% claims discount.

Does axa car insurance give you quotes online?

Yes, AXA car insurance provides insurance quotes online. They also provide insurance quotes on the telephone.

What country is AXA car insurance based in?

AXA Car Insurance is based in the United Kingdom. They have been in business for over 300 years.

What type of insurance does AXA sell?

In the United States AXA provides property, casualty, marine and aviation insurance. In the United Kingdom AXA provides car insurance, breakdown cover, home insurance, travel insurance, van insurance, and business insurance.

What services does AXA UK offer?

AXA UK is an insurance company that offers the following types of insurance: car insurance, home insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, and van insurance.

What is an AXA car insurance policy?

If you are in another country you should be able to get AXA insurance because it isnt available in the United states of america. This is the disadvantage of this type of insurance.

What are some motor insurance brokers that are located in Canada?

There are a variety of motor insurance brokers located in Canada. One can use such websites as "Car Insurance", "AXA", "Navigators Insurance", "Aviva Canada", and many more to find them.

Does axa car insurance cover tractor trailers?

Yes, axa insurance is based on weights, not on the number of wheels that the vehical has therefore tracto trailers quailfy.

Does an insurance company called Axa insure cars?

Yes, AXA does provide car insurance. They also provide insurance for your house, travel insurance, medical insurance and life insurance for people ages over 50 years.

Which companies in the United Kingdom offer vehicle insurance?

The companies that offer vehicular insurance in the U.K. include AXA Car Insurance, Aviva UK, Direct Line, MORE TH>N, Churchill, and The Co-Operative.

How do you get a quote from axa car insurance?

To obtain a quote from axa car insurance, you can either go online to their website, call their phone number provided on the website within their business hours, or go to one of their local branches nationwide.

What in the world is belair direct?

Belair direct is a Car Insurance company that can provide you with things like Insurance Quotes and Home Insurance. I believe they are located in Ontario.