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There are a lot of places that have car auctions in the UK. Newport Car Auctions and British Car Auctions have websites with more information on when and where.

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2013-07-09 10:10:54
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Q: Where in the UK are car auctions held?
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What are the main car auction companies in the UK?

Buying a car from an auction is a great idea. The best car auctions are in Bridgeport Ct.: Crazy Auto Auctions, Joe's Auctions, and New Car Auctions.

What companies hold British car auctions?

British Car Auctions is a company in Europe and the UK that holds British car auctions. They have a large variety of vehicles, new and used, to choose from.

Where can I find out about car auctions?

In many areas, police and local governments will hold vehicle auctions. Thrift stores and local charities are also excellent sources for auto auctions, which are generally held regularly.

Where can I find information on government car auctions?

Government car auctions are a great way to get a great deal on previously owned government cars. For more information on vehicles for sale, visit their website. This allows you to see what is for sale and where auctions are being held in each state.

What are some famous car autions?

There are several famous car auctions. Some examples are Barrett Jackson, Mecum, Classic Car Auctions, Copart, Bonhams, British Car Auctions and RM Auctions.

What services does British Car Auctions offer?

British Car Auctions offers many services in terms of car auctioning such as purchasing a car from the auctions and British Car Auctions also lets you examine the cars before you purchase them.

Are there used car auctions in the US?

There are thousands of used car auctions in the U.S.

When was British Car Auctions created?

British Car Auctions was created in 1946.

What is the population of British Car Auctions?

British Car Auctions's population is 5,000.

Where can I find used car auctions?

You can go to and it will provide you with the time and locations of the auctions, where can I find used car auctions

How do car auctions function?

Car auctions can operate in many different ways. However, car auctions typically sell cars based on the highest bidder.

Where were slave auctions held?

slave auctions would be held at certain places like markets, warehouses or even outside on a platform.

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