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The small purple wire on the "S" terminal of an older GM vehicle starter would lead to the ignition switch. With the key in the start (crank) position, the purple wire signals the starter solenoid to engage the starter.

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The big yellow wire in the column loom lights up when u turn ignition to crank but starter does not

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Q: Where does the purple wire from the starter go and what is its purpose?
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What wires go to what post on a starter for a '93 Saturn dohc?

The big red wire and the orange or blue wire go on the big stud in the middle. The small purple wire goes on the smaller stud

Where do wires go on1972 olds cutlass starter?

The small purple wire goes on the small terminal marked "S". The small yellow wire goes on the small terminal marked "R".

Where do wires go on 350 chevy mini starter?

The starter needs a large wire from the battery and a wire from the starter switch. These are connected to the solenoid that is attached to the starter.

Where is the battery located on a John Deere 2555?

Find the starter and follow the heavy gauge wire from the starter. It will go to the starter relay or battery. If it goes to the relay then follow the heavy wire from the relay which will go to the battery.

How do you wire a starter for a Pontiac 400 engine?

where do the wires on the starter go on a 1977 pontiac 400

Where does the negative ground wire go on a dodge neon starter?

it goes from the starter mounting bolt to the battery box.

Which wires go where on a 99 Saturn starter?

Depending on the vehichle, you may only have one wire going to the starter, which would be the positive wire from the battery. In addition to this wire, many vehicles have a wire or pair of wires going to the solenoid housing on the starter. The positive wire is a very thick, heavy wire, which usually will have a loop terminal at the end, which fits over a post on the starter, which has a nut that threads down to secure the positive wire.Often wire lengths will give you a hint as to where they should be connected, and wires frequently are bent to fit the connections. Be careful if you are guessing on where the solenoid wires connect, because a mistake could fry the solenoid.In AdditionMany vehicles may have an additional, fairly heavy wire that runs to the same post as the battery. This wire makes its way to the alternator and is the location of the charging system fuseable link.

What side of the starter does the wire that comes from the alternator go to positive or negative?


How does the wire go on the starter for a 94 roadmaster?

red to pos black to neg

What wires go where on my starter and coil on a 1968 camaro?

The starter solenoid has two small posts, one marked "S" the other marked "R". There should be a small purple wire in the harness that attaches to the "S" post and a small yellow wire that goes to the "R" post. The positive battery feed attaches to the large post. The coil should have a small black wire coming from the distributor attached to the post marked "neg" on the coil. The pos side of the coil should have a small yellow wire and a resister type wire attached. The resister wire has a white cloth like covering.

You have just put a new 350 in your ute need to wire it up hei dizzy starter alternator can you help this subject you have no power to your dash and dont know if there is power to the motor motor has?

Is your ignition wire hooked up to your distributor? 1.This small pink wire hooks into the top left part of the distributor marked "BAT" Is your battery fully charged? Is your starter wired up correctly? 1.The 2 skinny red wires and the + battery cable wire go to the big terminal on the starter. 2.The skinny purple wire goes to the small "S" terminal on the starter. Make sure the - battery cable is grounded correctly.Hope this helps you.

How do the starter wires go on?

The main battery cable (red in color) will mount onto the large stud on the back of the starter solenoid. Piggybacked along with the main battery cable is the alternator wire (orange in color) Both wires are held on by a 13mm brass nut. The last wire which is purple in color mounts to the small stud on the solenoid, and is held on by a 9mm or 10mm nut.