Where does Walton first meet Victor?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Robert and Victor met in Alaska. Robert was on a ship and found Victor stranded on a sheet of ice. Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley.

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Q: Where does Walton first meet Victor?
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Who does Walton see first on the ice in Frankenstein?

Walton first sees a gigantic man-like figure over 8 feet tall dashing throw the snow on a dog sled. Then afterward sees a man on a dog sled almost dyeing from exhaustion chasing the first figure. Walton take aboard the second man and we find out it is Victor Frankenstein. Therefore the first figure that Walton sees is Victor Frankenstein's Monster whom Victor was chasing.

In Frankestein why wouldn't Victor tell Walton the details about the creation?

? ? ?Victor tells Walton that he must never know the secret because it will destroy Walton’s happiness.??

How are Walton and Frankenstein stories alike?

Both are seeking fame by pushing the limits: Victor with science and Walton with exploration.

How does Victor Frankenstein benefit Captain Robert Walton?

As the main protagonist, Victor Frankenstein does benefit Captain Walton.

How does Walton feel about the man he rescues?

Walton feels great compassion for the man he rescued, Victor Frankenstein

What do victor and Walton have in common?

They are both types of explorers (apex)

Why has Robert Walton organized his expedition to the Arctic In what way is Walton similar to Victor Frankenstein?

Because your in teleclass and dont read!

Where is the Frankenstein letter writer located?

No, Robert Walton was writing the letters to his sister, Margret. In the fourth letter, he was telling her about Victor, who later tells Robert his story. Victor created the Frankenstein monster.

How are Victor and Walton alike?

Robert Walton and Victor Frankenstein are similar because they both want to explore the world and both create some type of monster. The are desperate for a companion so they create their own.

What are the differences between victor and Walton?

Victor Frankenstein is a scientist who creates a monster through his experiments, while Robert Walton is an explorer seeking knowledge and discovery in the Arctic. Victor's pursuit of knowledge leads to his downfall, while Walton's ambition is tempered by his compassion for his crew. Both characters share a thirst for discovery and knowledge but exhibit different reactions to the consequences of their pursuits.

Victor is right when he urges Walton to abandon his ambition Explain your answer.?

Victor believes Walton's ambition to reach the North Pole is reckless and dangerous, as he knows firsthand the devastating consequences of pursuing scientific discovery without considering the ethical and moral implications. Victor understands the potential for destruction and loss that could result from Walton following in his footsteps, ultimately leading to tragedy and regret. Victor urges Walton to prioritize human relationships and values over an unattainable quest for glory and knowledge at any cost.

What statement summarizes Victor's last words about the monster to Walton?

Victor says he cannot be blamed for the monsters actions or recent events