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Q: Where do you put gearbox oil on a citroen c3?
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Where is the gearbox number on a citroen c3?

where is the gear box on a citreon c3 1.4 hdi

How do you top up the gearbox oil on a Citroen C3?

You need to remove the battery and bracket then you will see a black Plastic thing and that is where you can top up the oil

How much oil does a citroen c3 gearbox hold?

Manual gear box 2 litre Automatic gear box comes as sealed unit

How do you check oil level on automatic gearbox on citroen c3?

You cannot check oil levels in automatic gear box as it is a sealed unit. I took my car to automatic gearbox garage and they changed the oil and resealed the gearbox for a very reasonable cost. Remember the gear oil itself is very expensive.

Where do you fill up the gearbox oil on a citroen C3?

You should first look through the users manual to help out. If you still have questions, call the manufacturer for assistance.

What type of oil do you use on a citroen c3 to top the gear box up?

Manual gear box oil: Total Transmission (B.V 75W-80W) part no. 9730. A2 or Citroen gear oil 2L part no. 9736.41 Automatic gear box are sealed unit: Citroen gear oil 2L part no. 9736.22 The oil can only be changed Automatic gearbox repair garages

Water or coolant for a citroen c3?

OAT Coolant.Mix the concentration dependant on your country (lowest temperature).see

Where is the oil filter on a citroen c3 1.4hdi?

On the front of the engine inside a plastic cover with a 27mm "nut"

What are some features of Citroen C3 Picasso?

There are many features of the Citroen C3 Picasso. Examples of some features of the Citroen C3 Picasso includes an anti-lock breaking system and remote central locking.

What to top up citroen c3 coolant with?

Red OAT antifreeze and coolant. Premixed will be easiest. See the link for more information:

Location of vss in citroen c3?


Can the boot on a citroen C3 be made flat?

Yes, in the C3 Picasso at least.