Where do you put coolant in a car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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On most modern cars there is an expansion tank normally by the side of the radiator. There is normally a screw cap. Please be careful if the engine is worm, because if you remove the cap the water will boil and come out with an unexpected foarce.

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Q: Where do you put coolant in a car?
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How much coolant do you need to put in your car?

The bigger your car, the more coolant you need to put in. The bigger your engine and car, the more coolant you need

Do you put coolant in car when car is on?

No , when the engine is cool

Will coolant spill out of the over flow tank if the car is to hot?

put coolant into my over flow car was running hot and the coolant erupted like a volcano on the side of the over flow

What happens when you put coolant into a Malibu without running the car?

When the car is cold the thermostat is closed. When the thermostat is closed the coolant does not circulate or get in to the engine block.

Where should you put antifreeze in a car?

In the coolant reservoir when the engine is cool.

Can AC water be put in a car?

Clean water should be used and mixed with the proper coolant for your car.

What happens if engine coolant is put in while the car is off?

After coolant is added run vehicle to normal operating temperature and re-check coolant level

Can you put water only in the reservior for coolant?

It is possible to put water only in the reservoir for coolant on a car. However, this should only be a temporary fix until it can be repaired by a mechanic.

Can you put water in a Volkswagen jetta to substitute for coolant?

If your car is leaking coolant get it fixed and put in the recomended coolant for your car. You should locate that info in the manual, also putting water in the winter is a bad idea since the water could freeze causing engine damage. I supposed you might be able to run it for a while in the summer with just water but get the leak fixed and put in the recomended antifreeze/coolant

Your car is over heating and it looks like its leaking oil and coolant?

try taking out the thermostat and have you put to much oil and coolant in the radiator

What happens to a car if you put to much coolant in it over the fill line?

It could end up popping the reservoir cover off and "burping" the excess coolant out.

Would a car lose antifreeze and over heat if the cap to the coolant was not put on tightly?

yes, because once the coolant started to steam it would seep out.