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Elf Winfield Racing School

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Q: Where did narain karthikeyan get his training for car racing?
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Who is the only Indian who participated in F1 car race?

There is actually 2 recent ones. Karun Chandhok Narain Karthikeyan

What is better a production car or racing car?

for speed a racing car

Which Indian race car drivers participated in Turkey's 2006 Formula 1 Championship?

nonenarain karthikeyan raced in 2005 for Jordan in Istanbul but for 2006 Jordan was replaced by Midland and Karthikeyan lost his seat. (Deservedly so in my opinion he was rubbish)

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Who invented the first racing car?

Wally Parks invented the Drag racing car

Who invented the first drag racing car?

Wally Parks invented the Drag racing car

Who invited first racing car?

The person who invented the first racing car was Henry Ford.

When was Roary the Racing Car created?

Roary the Racing Car was created on 2007-05-07.

When did Family Slot Car Racing happen?

Family Slot Car Racing happened in 2009.

Was there ever a formula 1 race where all the starters finished the race If so where and when?

The last F1 race that occurred was the 2005 Italian Grand Prix. The last place car of Narain Karthikeyan was 3 laps down at the finish. 20 cars started the race. There were no retirements at the 2005 United States Grand Prix, although only 6 cars started, and the 1961 Dutch Grand Prix where 15 cars started.

What training do I need to be a race car driver?

There are two parts to this answer. One, you need your racing license, which is different than your normal driving license. Two, you need to get a good track record in your minor racing leagues in order to move up the chain and get involved in more racing leagues

What are the example of frictional force?

bike racing car racing