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One can purchase LED vehicle emergency lights from a variety of retailers. These retailers include Amazon, Prestige Emergency Lights, LED Outfitters, SpeedTech Lights, among many other retailers.

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Q: Where could one purchase LED vehicle emergency lights?
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I wold first try they should have omething to suit your needs. If not then check out www.projectresponder.comthey have a great selecton also.

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Check the fuse for the brake lights Shift interlock is the same circuitAs an emergency you can try--move the key to first position (unlock) with out starting vehicle - shift to neutral and then start vehicleAnswerCheck the fuse for the brake lights Shift interlock is the same circuit As an emergency you can try--move the key to first position (unlock) with out starting vehicle - shift to neutral and then start vehicle

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Currently, commercial semi trailer trucks are not required to have any emergency lights. However, it is wise to have them to avoid accidents, which could lead to charges against you.

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The answer is YES. One may display any color strobe lights in their vehicle except those used in emergency vehicles, ie: blue, and red. Those two colors are illegal. It would be illegal also for one to drive with any color strobe lights on while on public road or highway unless in an emergency situation, or you feel that if done so you could explain your reason for having them on if questioned.

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Could be your emergency lights/flashers are on.