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If one is looking to find information on the company Penske Logistics the best place to check is Their official website, Penske Logistics. They have all the information you could need there.

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Q: Where could one find information regarding the company called Penske Logistics?
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How many trucks does penske logistics has?

global: 3,000 units

Who is larger Penske or Ryder?

Penske is a larger company than ryder

What is the company Penske about?

The Penske company was founded in 1969 after purchasing a car and light-truck rental and leasing dealership. The company began in Pennsylvania by Roger Penske.

How many employees are there at Penske Corporation?

Penske Corporation is a transportation services company that was established in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan in 1969. There are more than 5,000 employees at Penske Corporation.

In what year was the company Penske Truck Leasing founded?

Penske Truck Leasing was founded in 1969, by Roger Penske. This company has grown in forty years to span over all of the populated continents, employing over 20,000 workers worldwide.

Who owns penske?

Jay Penske owns the publishing and media company that owns,,,, and

What exactly is a Penske Moving Truck?

A Penske Moving Truck is a truck rented from the Penske company to use for moving from one house or business to another. Penske offers rental trucks without additional moving services. The have AAA and military discounts.

What is a penske truck leasing?

A Penske Truck leasing allows you to purchase a transport truck from the penske company for a certain amount of time. This form of payment requires you to return the truck after a certain amount of time.

Where is Penske Truck company located?

Penske truck company is located in different areas and states all over the usa. They also deliver state to state, renting is fun and easy for anyone.

Where can one find information on Penske rentals?

Someone looking for information on Penske rentals can find them on their website. One can call their 24 hour roadside assistance number at 1-800-526-0798.

What kind of services does Penske Honda offer?

Penske Honda is a Honda dealership which is based in Ontario. The company not only sells and leases automobiles but provides finance packages and servicing.

Which truck rental company has the highest ratings, Uhaul or Penske?

Penske has the highest rating for commercial rentals. While UHaul recieves the highest ratings amoung consumer rentals.