Where could one find a city limousine?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can find them at car dealership or you can order a limo plus a limo driver from a phone book. In order to figure out what limo companies are near you search yellow pages.

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Q: Where could one find a city limousine?
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Where can you purchase a limousine?

To find a used limousine one can search the local classifieds, including kijiji and craigslist. However, for a new limousine a dealership should be used.

Where can one find reviews about a Cadillac Limousine?

One can find reviews about a Cadillac Limousine in Cadillac's official website. In addition, yelp dot com provides many reviews for many products and services.

How do you find a good limousine service?

It depends on where you live, but you can usually find one on the web or in your local phone book.

What areas does Carey Limousine serve?

Carey Limousine provide chauffeured and ground transportation all over the world. The company spans over 60 countries and 550 city's. One can reserve transport online at there website.

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Who uses a limousine?

Anyone that can afford one.

Where can one find a car for hire in Dallas?

Global Limousine, Allen Limousine, Dallas 365 Limo Service and Dallas Car Service all offer cars for hire in Dallas, Texas. These companies have a variety of cars that you can hire.

Where can one hire a driver to drive one's cars?

You can find some listed online, but these are typically people who will chauffeur you in a limousine. If you own a car, but cannot drive, you can ask a friend or a family member. This would be a lot cheaper than renting a limousine and paying a chauffeur.

What is a typical limousine service fee for a night for a group of prom goers?

It all depends on the type of limousine. If you get a Hummer H2 limousine or a regular stretch limousine. The average cost for one night is around $200

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What are some party limousine services for the Los Angeles area?

Crown Limousine's of Los Angeles is one of the premier limousine services for bachelor and bachelorette services. Los Angeles Limousine Service is the best for concerts and parties. Some of the other limousine services that provide services for parties are Los Angeles Limos Inc. and Los Angeles Limousine and Party Bus services.