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You could check or go to Mikumiku beat

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Q: Where can you find a mmd car up for download?
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My MMD won't load models and now it won't even open up MMD it seems like nothings working and i downloaded the latest MMD whats going on?

ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTIONMy MMD wont load Models and now it wont even open up MMD it seems like nothins working and I downloaded the lastest MMD whats going on?-Edit-I think it might just be the program itself. My MMD wont open up, and I downloaded it again. If it IS the program itself, watch out. Your MMD files will start to delete themselves.I had this happen to me. The best thing would be to secure your computer. Find out if it is a virus. Then scan your computer for a birus, and scan it for Cookies, also.If It is a virus, clean your browser, delete your browser cookies, and clean your computer.Reboot it and download MMD again.

How do you use MMD acsessories when you download them?

First make sure you have your accessories downloaded and put in the accessories folder in mmd. After that open up mmd click in the red box for camera/light/accessories. then click on load accessories in the yellow box, then go to where your accessories are located and open them . If they go on the model then where its says ground click on the triangle and click model .

How do you download MMD models and stuff?

Well, you down load the file. Open up the Downloading Folder. If its an ".x" file place it in your accessory folder. If its an ".PMD" place it in models. If its a ".VPD" put it in pose data. If its a ".VMD" folder, place it in motion data.

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