Where can you buy leaded gas?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Nowhere I know of. You can however buy a lead additive to add to unleaded fuel, at any auto parts store.

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Most airports in the US sell leaded aviation gasoline (100LL)

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Q: Where can you buy leaded gas?
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Leaded or unleaded gas for 1980 GL1100 Honda Goldwing?

Hi, I would like to know this as well, anybody out there know I think it will run on unleaded. I don't think they make leaded gas any more unless you buy the additive.

Will leaded gas in unleaded motor damage the motor in any way?

If you managed to find any leaded gas then No, it will not hurt anything.

Can you still buy leaded petrol?


Own 54 kit car with early Volkswagen motor what gas should you use leaded or unleaded?

The engine originally ran on leaded gas (hence, no torque converter). Leaded gas is no longer available (in the US), but the vehicle will run well on unleaded.

What gas was used in 1972 muscle cars?

Leaded gasoline.

Where can you find ethanol?

you talking about e85 or leaded fuel leaded fuel can be bought at most small airports that's where i have to buy fuel for my Trans AM it about $2.00 - $3.00 more a gallon but i need the high octain e85 can be bought most gas stations

How long will a catalytic converter be undamage when using leaded gasoline?

Immediately serious damage will be done. Why in the world would you want to use leaded fuel which you cannot even buy in the U.S. Where are you getting leaded fuel and why?

What type of gas did tether cars use in the 50's?

Leaded petrol

Is unleaded gas to be used in Mercury 1978 engine?

An engine of that era would run better on leaded gas.

Will ut harm a car made in 1987 if you use ethonal gas?

Yes, it needs leaded gas to run right.

What was the cost of a gallon of gas in 1971?

In 1971, the average price per gallon of regular leaded gas was $.36 cents.

What will happen if i run unleaded gas in a leaded fuel engine?

I don't believe there is a such thing as a leaded fuel engine. All gasoline is unleaded, some just a higher grade.