Where can someone get a cap for a small truck?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are many options to purchase a small truck cap. Going through local dealers helps the local economy. Amazon has this product although it may be specialized and with or without free shipping. The first places that are recommended are ebay or to go Craigslist and determine what local bargains can be had.

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Q: Where can someone get a cap for a small truck?
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Install a Truck Cap?

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What can you do if your truck bed cap is too wide for your truck?

Get a new cap or truck that will match

Repair Truck Cap?

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Will a Chevy truck cap fit a Ford truck?

You're best option is to measure the cap and your truck bed to see how close they match. Good luck!

Can you have a truck cap custom made to be taller than the stock models?

There are some legal and safety llimitations to the height of a truck cap,but you can get custom one. Check out the truck caps at

Will a Ford Truck cap fit a Chevy?

You're best option is to measure the cap and your truck bed to see how close they match. Good luck!

What is a small truck?

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How do you remove radiator cap on 1996 Chevy truck?

If your asking this question you shouldn't be working on your truck.

What would make your 1991 Toyota truck 22re check engine light go on?

Could be any number of things, from an open gas cap to a short in the ignition system, etc. Take the truck to someone who can scan the code.

What would happen if the gas cap is off when you drove your Peterbilt truck through a truck was?

It would be a diesel fuel cap and if the truck would fit through a car wash you would need to change fuel filters.