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Amazon has what you need. Depending on what type of generation of iPod Nano you have, you will want to check whether the car charger is compatible with your iPod.

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Q: Where can one purchase an iPod Nano car charger?
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What are iPod Nano car accessories and where can I get them at cheap price?

Car accessories for the iPod Nano include a car charger, window mount, and car dock. You can purchase these items at the Apple Store for twenty-five dollars and up.

How much does an Ipod Nano charger cost?

Ipod Nano 3 in 1 chargers cost around $10 at Amazon, but you may be able to find them for less at auction websites. A Nano car charger will cost around $3.

Why doesnt ipod nano charge in a wall charger?

because it is build to charge in the car

Are there IPod Nano accessories for the car?

You can purchase Nano accessories at any of the office stores such as Office Max, Office Depot and you can also purchase the product at Best Buy or Fingerhut.

Where can I go to purchase the iPod Nano accessories for my car?

Well, you could check out places like Target, Wal-Mart and radio shack for somewhere that has iPod Nano accessories for car. Those places are where I would guess.

How much does an ipod car charger cost?

Ipod car charger range from $13 to $35, depends on where you purchase it from. Walmart usually sells less. You can always wait until it goes on sale or with a discount.

Can an iPod car charger charge an iPod touch?

Yes it should only if the charger is for the Ipod touch.

What is a Nano?

It's a type of ipod and a car which works on battery.

What is the cost for the iPod Nano car adapter?

There are a range of prices that can be found online for the iPod Nano car adapter. This product can be found in online auctions as well often for considerably cheaper.

If I buy an iPod Nano, are car accessories included in the package?

It is possible to buy a packaged deal for the iPod Nano that includes car accessories. This deal may be harder to find but is available at select stores.

What are some good ipod car accessories?

A good car ipod accessory is the one that will allow you to play your music right on your car speakers. Another good one is the ipod car charger that will let you charge your ipod right in your car.

Where to purchase a car charger?

Need to purchase a car charger. well my suggestion is Amazon they have great prices and if you sign up for Prime you get 2 day free shipping. If you can not find a car charger at amazon try EBay.