Where can one purchase a VX Commodore?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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TradingPost and CarsGuide have many vehicles for sale, with the VX Commodore in their listings. CarSales has the ability to review and compare prices on their site. Websites like Craigslist and Kijiji may have personal listings from people wanting to sell their vehicles. Keeping an eye on those couldn't hurt.

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Q: Where can one purchase a VX Commodore?
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When was Holden VX Commodore created?

Holden VX Commodore was created in 2000.

How do you replace a vx commodore mirror?

Where do you put a chip on a Holden commodore vx?

i dont know much about the vx commodore, but in my Vz commodore i like to put them in my center console and my coke in the cup holder DANNY!!!!!!!!

How do you install a fuel filter in a vx commodore?

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Will a vy vx nudge bar fit a commodore vp?

Quite likely not! The bumpers on VY's and VX's are quite different to a VP.

Vx commodore won't start after manual conversion?

check your inhibibitor switch

How do you remove the window winder of your VZ commodore?

Where can one purchase a cheap Palm VX?

The Palm VX, stylized as Palm Vx, can be purchased cheaply from merchant websites such as Amazon and eBay. The Palm Vx is a legacy device and is no longer sold by Palm dealers.

Need a vacuum diagram please for a VT XU6 supercharged commodore?

vacuum diagram for vx supercharger

Install a new fuel pump in VX Commodore?

Its underneath the spare tyre in the boot, next to the battery

How much is a vx Holden commodore starter motor?

Starting from about AUD$130 refurbished or new on eBay, or more from a dealer.

Where can one purchase a VY Commodore?

You can purchase a VY Commodore online from the Car Sales Australian website. You can also sometimes find these cars for sale on eBay Australia used or new.