Where can one purchase a Parrot CK3000?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Parrot Shop is the direct manufacturer of this innovative accessory. It can be found in electronic stores and ordered online. This Bluetooth car system can also be purchased or from stores that have car accessory kits on their shelves.

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Q: Where can one purchase a Parrot CK3000?
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Where can one purchase the Parrot CK3100 from?

A Parrot CK3100 is a blue tooth set for an automobile. Therefore, in addition to online sites good places to look are auto parts stores and electronics retailers such as Crutchfield. You can also buy direct from Parrot.

Where can one purchase Parrot car kits?

A wireless Bluetooth kit created by Parrot for installation in cars can be purchased at any local electronics retailer, such as Best Buy, Sears, and Wal*Mart.

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There are many stores and websites which have the Parrot CK3100 Advanced Bluetooh car kits for sale. For instance, a person my purchase these car kits from Sonic Electronics, Mobile Fun, and Amazon.

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Where can one purchase a Parrot ck3200 Bluetooth car kit?

According to the Parrot company website, the following retailers carry Parrot products: Abt, Al & Ed's, Amazon, Best Buy, Brookstone, Car Toys, Crutchfield, J & R, Expansys, Fry's, Hawk Express, PC Richard & Son, Tint World, Car Tunes, and Custom Sounds. Parrot ck3200 Bluetooth car kits may also be found on eBay.

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