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You can obtain a car loan after having claimed bankruptcy by applying online at the Cars Direct website. Cars Direct is well known for helping people with poor credit obtain an auto loan.

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2013-06-28 00:09:22
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Q: Where can one obtain a car loan after having claimed bankruptcy?
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Where can someone go to obtain a bankruptcy home loan?

To obtain a bankruptcy home loan one could make an appointment with their local bank to talk to an advisor. One could also make an appointment with a bankruptcy lawyer.

Will it be hard to obtain a home loan after filing bankruptcy?

Virtually impossible.

Can i claim bankruptcy on my car loan if I'm not behind on payments?

Bankruptcy is not claimed on individual loans, a bankruptcy involves all your debt. The fact that you are current on your car loan may make it easier for you to negotiate with the lender for the continued ability to pay for your car but it doesn't mean that you get to have it for free. The same is true of a home loan.

Where can someone find information about getting mortgage loans after bankruptcy?

Quicken Loans has an excellent section on how to obtain a loan or mortgage after filing bankruptcy. Most debt consolidation centers and bankruptcy attorneys will have information or references for those seeking information on applying for a post-bankruptcy loan or mortgage.

Where could a person who has declared bankruptcy apply for a loan?

Most people believe it is difficult to obtain a loan after bankruptcy, but the opposite is true. Since individuals can only declare bankruptcy every seven years, lenders know a recent bankruptcy guarantees payment. One could find a loan virtually anywhere, but always check local lenders.

What is a reaffirmed loan?

A "reaffirmed loan" is a loan that the claimant in a bankruptcy has left out of the bankruptcy and is "reaffirming" that they will still pay the loan as usual.

You owe your sister money can you file bankruptcy on that loan?

If you file bankruptcy, you file bankruptcy on everything. You can not file bankruptcy on one loan.

If you file chapter 13 and have a foreclosure are you still able to obtain financing for a home?

Absolutely, there are many programs available to assist existing home owners as well as home buyers with financing home loans after bankruptcy and foreclosure. To obtain a home loan while currently in a chapter 13 bankruptcy it is very important to establish a good payment history. The company that will approve you for a home loan will need to have your payment history. They will also contact the trustee of your chapter 13 bankruptcy to receive permission or an ok to proceed with your home loan. To obtain a home loan after chapter 13 bankruptcy you will need to provide the following to your loan officer. Original schedules of your bankruptcy Discharge documents of your bankruptcy Proof that you have a satisfied discharge Proof that you have established new credit To obtain a home loan after a foreclosure. Maintained or established new credit Applying for an FHA Home Loan there is a waiting period of three years after the foreclosure proceedings have been completed. For Conventional Home Loans you will need to wait five years. Frank Thomas Sr. Loan Consultant 480-621-4270

Can you discharge a student loan on bankruptcy?

No, you can't get out of paying a student loan by filing bankruptcy.

Can you obtain a business loan after personal bankruptcy?

A personal bankruptcy can remain on your credit history for up to 10 years, which can make it difficult to get a business loan; however, if your business credit is established as a completely separate entity from your personal credit, you may increase your likelihood of getting a business loan.

Where can one get a bankruptcy auto loan?

Bankruptcy auto loans are very difficult to obtain. Some insurance companies do provide them. However they come with extremely high rates as well as poor terms.

where can i get a small business loan, that i do not have to repay?

You can take a small business loan, but you will have to repay it or face bankruptcy and having your assets seized. Instead you can pursue a grant, which you do not have to repay.

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