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For one who wants to learn about how to donate a car to charity who doesn't want the tax benefits, you can just sell the vehicle and give the money away. For those who want the tax benefits, the best place to start is to find a charity that you are interested and they will be more than willing to help you get everything you need to donate.

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Q: Where can one learn about how to donate a car to charity?
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Where can one donate a car for charity?

One can donate a car for charity to almost any charity providing it is new, and they can auction it as a major fundraiser. Used cars can be donated to charity in special schemes such as the Give A Car and One Car Helps programs.

How can you donate your car to charity?

One can donate one's car to charity by finding a worthy charity, know the status of your recipient and transfer the vehicle with care. One can ask information regarding this subjects at different charities.

Where can one find cars to charity?

There are multiple ways to donate a car to charity. There are multiple organizations, such as Kars4Kids and Cars4Veterans that offer services for you to donate your car. It all depends on which type of charity you want to donate to. Hope this helps!

Where can one obtain information on how to donate a car to charity?

You can obtain information on how to donate a car to charity online at the eHow website. Once on the website, type "How to donate a car to charity" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the information.

How can someone donate a car to charity?

One can contact Rawhide (920-354-6933) to donate a car to their charity. All donations to this charity are used to help troubled teens and are tax deductible.

Where can one donate a vehicle to charity?

To donate a vehicle to charity, one should visit webpage donation sites such as 'Give A Car'. Alternatively, one could try other charities such as Oxfam to donate vehicles.

Where can one donate their car to charity?

One could donate their car to many charities. Some of these charities websites include: Cars For Breast Cancer, Vehicles for Charity, Donation Line, and Cars For Veterans.

Where can one find information about how to donate a car to a charity in NJ?

Someone interested in finding more information about how to donate a car to a charity in New Jersey (NJ) could most likely start by asking their charity of choice how they can donate to their cause. Otherwise, a church or possibly Goodwill center can help those desiring to donate a car.

Is it possible to donate a used car?

Yes, it is possible to donate a used car. One could donate a used car from charity, or give it to someone for free. Donating a used car is usually free to do.

Can I get a car donated to me?

You can donate your car to any charity and the car is given to some one very needy. If you are in a position to donate your car odds are that you are not eligible to have a car being donated to you.

How does one donate used cars?

To donate a car to charity you will need to find a local, trustworthy, charity foundation that takes cars. Once you choose a charity to donate to, check with your local Better Business Bureau to make sure there are no reports of fraud.

When people buy a new car they something they do with old one?

Trade it in on the new car, sell it, keep it, or donate it to charity.